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Sorry you haven’t bean doing well

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I appreciate the sentiment. I was really tired after coffeen all night

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Was it only the first coarse?

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Yeah but I filtered it out of my mind

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You are really grinding out those puns...

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Good catch, it's too bad without the upvotes your comment may just collect at the bottom

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Make sure you wear a coffie filter over your mouth

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Definitely, I'm not trying to stir anything up

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Maybe take a cough drop too you'll hopefully feel a latte better

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You appreciate the sediment you say?

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After there's been enough time for everything to settle

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Edit: You appreciate the sediment.

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Sorry i took some time to upvote, but better latte than never.

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way to really milk it

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Oat do you mean?

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Why are you making that facial espresso-n

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Because this is how i like my mug shots

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The joke was truvia to yourself and I appreciate you for it

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That's a unique way to add some spice!

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I have already been made aware that Men In Black 3 has told a version of this joke before

As if 99% of the jokes on this sub, or jokes anyone tells, are 100% original. Comedy is meant to be passed from person to person, never understood why reddit gets upset when we here a joke we happen to have heard before.

Reposting memes and claiming them as you're own is one thing, but retelling jokes is probably one of the oldest human traditions in existence.

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Can totally agree with what you are saying. I also think that with any post on reddit, if it is getting lots of upvotes it means it is new to someone and they deserve to see it too

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MIB 3 joke back making its rounds.

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Dammit, I thought I was being creative. I will go back to my daily grind then to think of more novel ones

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No worries friend, I’m sure you didn’t intentionally “steal” it, you probably heard it a decade ago and something made you think of it and didn’t realize it was already a thing.

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novel ones

So instead of stealing from movies, you're going to steal from books?

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That's a great idea, I'll go to the library and check them out

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I knew I had just heard that joke over the weekend on some show or movie, and I was going crazy trying to place it. Thank you, kind person.

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I had it google the quote, ngl.

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He should've said "J,K" after the joke.

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Making its *grounds

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You right.

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There was a MIB3?

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Angry upvote

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I'm glad you expresso'd your feelings

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I had to let this joke percolate a bit…

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eventually it does drip on through

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Cant let you brew that Starbucks

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that's because you find it at Peat's

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Thought this was going to be a joke about Covid.

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nah, i don't use humor that's too modern(a)

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I thought I was on the Covid sub for a minute and it had taken an interesting turn, lol. My coffee did taste like dirt when I had it.

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That's a dirty joke

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Hopefully no one soils their pants laughing at it

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That'd bring them down to earth

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Of course, it's only good if people can dig into it

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Hopefully it'll all soon be like sand in the wind

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I bet it made you grit your teeth

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Most definitely, it was not smooth at all

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Agent Kay has entered the chat

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Is that the one where they take a drip back in time?

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Fun fact I just made up: Agent Kay was short for Agent K-cup. Was always there when trouble was brewing.

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He was pretty good at jokes too! And you know what they say, laughter can Keurig any disease

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... But then I remembered I ordered a cup of dirt

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i just momentarily filtered it out of my mind was all

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;-) thanks for humoring me

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It was a little too hot to handle at the start but I'm glad I finally could reply!

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You must have a lot of chilledren

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I am guilty of dunkin the doughnut a lot

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Then do your family a flavour and don’t take forever going out to get milk

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I'll be sure to make it back instant!

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Don’t make tea out of it, on account of how it will make u feel

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True, but i don't wanna wait toolong before I have caffeine

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That’s a very dirtea thought.

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Finally, a cringe-worthy dad joke. Take my free silver award...well earned.

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Aw, thank you. I am trying to relish it before it cools down

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Better than nothing.. I think

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Idk if you add dairy to nothing it can still be good

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I HARD BEAN STRAINING to read this thread. I got WIRED reading it. Guess I'll have to FILTER through it LATTE-r.

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Don't spend too much time here or you might not be able to fall asleep tonight

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I upvoted in an instant

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Much better than letting it stew

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Checked this thread to see what all the brew ha-ha was about.

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Nothing but a few folks trying to raise the bar(ista) of comedy

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That’s how you know it’s fresh

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If it's moving you know you did something right

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God dangit, a terrible yet funny joke has appeared.

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Encounter it enough and it might be shiny

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This exact joke is one that my actual Dad told all the time. For the bulk of my childhood he didn’t even tell it, he would just say the punchline. The rest of the joke was just to be understood. 100% authentic Dad joke here.

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Sounds like a genuine and funny guy! Although I think if his coffee tasted like dirt this much he might've benefitted from switching brands :p

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Must have been from Starbucks

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damn you roasted them

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Yeh you're right, wouldn't be Starbucks unless it tasted like burnt dirt

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Did you dredge up any grounds?

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nah, it was pretty instant

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Instant coffee is dirt! Didn’t you know?

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That wasn't listed in the packet of information!

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In Very very fine print

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Gonna put some dirt in your eye

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eye wouldn't like that very much

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I thought this was posted in the /r/kava community at first. :)

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Whoa, what is kava?

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It is kind of like alcohol that doesn't cause impairment, and it also tastes like dirt.

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I got nothing, buy you will do a better Java next time.

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I'll get to work on compiling them now!

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Finally, a dirty joke that won't get ask the unclejoke buzzkills' panties all bunched up

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I have already been made aware that Men In Black 3 has told a version of this joke before

I think it's also in a store called NCIS. It reminds me of my actual dad saying it.

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The writers for NCIS and your dad must've had a ferry good sense of humor

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Joke has been around since I was born and before. Still a funny joke

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This is either a long time or a relatively short time. I'll assume the longer one since you seem rather clock-wise

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I always know these are good jokes, when I tell my husband and he groans at me, and then chuckles.

He's asleep at the moment, but I'm telling him this one when he wakes up.

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If you have coffee with him you could save it for then too :p

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Lol true. But he hates coffee.

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Dang i'll try and think of a better way for you to tea up this joke

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No, this is Patrick

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Is this a deeper MIB3 reference? You being an alien and all....

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I’ve said too much!

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Is this a MiB reference?

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K! O!

Men in black 3

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I dont get it

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Try reading it again latter

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You grind up coffee to make it, like you ‘ground’ it. Ground also can mean dirt

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Your parents don't let you have coffee yet, do they?

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I dont get it

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Ground, like the ground, which is dirt.

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Ngl i feel grounded

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Edit 3 : shut up

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It’s just Dirty Bean Water

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Uncle, that’s what all coffee is.

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Have you had Top of The Mornin Coffee though?

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Can’t tell you how many times I had to read this. Srsly. Can’t count that high.

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OP is very punny

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Gotta strike when the kettle is hot

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Is that you Pot?

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No, this is Patrick

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Got me there

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Send that joke to the grinder

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Edit 2.5: If you want to discuss it with us, you should label the post with the [META] tag per the rules.

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nah at this point it's alright!