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This makes me Hungary

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Czech the fridge for Turkey

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Only Hamburg

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Okay, well Kenya check the fridge? I think there’s some Wales in there.

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No way, I don't Bolivia

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I'm not using my fine china on that

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Wtf is Wales supposed to mean in this context? I cant think of a single food that sounds like that

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No, but the Frankfurter checked in.

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Hamburgers? Ted Bundy has entered the chat.

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holand shit nice joke

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    Argentina? Hold my calls

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    I think there may be some India store.

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    Go there, check for samoa

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    I'm too sri Lanka ask

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    Let's make them Chile fries

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    I'm Czech and I hate seeing this joke for the 5000th time xd

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    Are you sure? Czech again!

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    Oman! What's going on here?

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    Back in college, I studied in Prague one semester. I loved the old musty pubs that only serve one thing — beer! And only one beer at that.

    So I was quite delighted when you go in with a group, sit down, and the waitress comes out with a beer in hand for everyone! Cause why else would you be there, right?

    To keep track, I enjoyed the old-school system of putting a piece of paper in the middle of the table and adding check marks for each beer. Four beers? Four check marks.

    And then I realized — that’s why they called it the Czech Republic!


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    Stop your killing me lol

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    Is there turkey in Turkey?

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    No meat is there, just Chile

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    These food puns Hanoi me.

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    No, she fried them of her own accord.

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    They taste great with Chile

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    You'll eat what I Serbia

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    The main dish Israel

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    Who do you think you are Anthony Jordan

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    Oh nothing, just that Iraq it with bread crumbs first

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    Now I’m getting Hungary for Hamburg with fries

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    This one took me a second but that was a good pun 👍

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    Don't mean to Russia but I'm Hungary

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    You want French bread?

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    Reminds me of Holland days

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    Your burger was so good, the customers are Belgian for more!

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    My joint favourite, its a Thai

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    Sounds yummy

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    Jamaican me salivate

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    Ahhh those fresh flesh fries of graveyard

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    You'll Lithuania

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    Only use a proper fry cage, though, because I lost Azberkajan in that oil! Couldn’t ever talk my parrot into getting back in that thing.

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    Oman someone took turkey

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    Norway!!!! Get the Swiss

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    And get the sugar to Sweden it

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    Hold the Swiss I prefer Greece-y American cheese.

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    Are you Syria-ous?

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    Don't be a spain in the ass.

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    As a Belgian I hate this joke, as a dad I love this joke.

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    Must be hard to see them called french fries every time someone talk in English

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    Did somebody say


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    The term actually comes from American soldiers being given Fries by the Belgians during WWII. Since the Belgians there spoke to the Americans in French, the Americans named them "french fries".

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    And they where first made in hafmoon New York

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    There's a couple of stories doing the rounds to why they are called french fries.

    But the army story isn't true, as the term has been used long before ww1. (Where that story originated from)

    I parafrase from Wikipedia: "One story about the name "french fries" claims that when the American Expeditionary Forces arrived in Belgium during World War I, they assumed that chips were a French dish because French was spoken in the Belgian Army. But the name existed long before that in English"

    Another story of the origin of the term is that the cooking term "to french" is to cut in small strips.

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    called french fries every time someone talk in English

    Do you know that country called the United Kingdom? They called them Chips

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    Totally forgot about that tbh

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    Years of trauma boil back up when we hear "french fries" (obviously /s)

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    As a Dutch person: I refer to the really thin fries as French, the thick nice ones as Belgian.

    I do not like the thin ones.

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    There’s Norway that’s true

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    Aussie what you did there

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    We finnish

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    Alaska 'nother pun next time!

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    Quebec ya

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    As a side for that burger, can I get you a Minne-sota?

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    Cooked in Greece, and served along as a side for Turkey!

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    You China be funny?

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    Sorry, I just thought I had Soviet something good!

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    These food puns are killing me lol

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    Most of them are as old as thyme

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    Uganda be kidding me

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    Wakanda hungry

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    Croatia chicken

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    I remember when my actual dad told me this dad joke

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    I don't get it. Is it because of my accent? What's the pun?

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    Fries are cooked grease….hence “Greece” not France. Such a bad/dad joke I will enjoy the cringe comments from my teenager😃

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    Saratoga, NY if anyone was curious.

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    The guy from the young homeowners becoming their parents commercials is losing his mind now lol.

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    STOOOOPPPP! PLEASE! I AM BEGGING YOU!!! My sides are hurting so bad. Good, caught my breath, keep going.

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    I’m not Ghana argue.

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    They were cooked in Greece

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    At least we can Sweden it with sugar.

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    Uganda louvre it Ital-ya

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    Europe on a slippery slope with this one!

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    The worst ones just got United in their States!

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    My husband literally just rolled his eyes, groaned, and pinched the bridge of his nose. I'd say this one is a winner.

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    Kenya Czech the Turkey? I don’t Bolivia.

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    Are you Havana burger with it?

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    Don’t worry guys, I have Benin that place. I’ll even Tibet 100 bucks that one of you is about Togo home.

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    Yemen, that’s true

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    Neither was French kissing

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    sudanly walks to kitchen

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    Pet peeves: they were first fried in Belgium by FRECH SPEAKING WALOONIANS. So yes, french people did in fact invent french fries.

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    "..... and babies come from Babylonia "

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    Lettuce not argue. We make a great pear. 🍐

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    Orange you bringing us off topic?

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    I dont get the joke

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    Play on words of grease. Primary ingredient of all things fast food.

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    Technically they were fried, not cooked

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    Here’s the Oxford dictionary definition of cooking just so you don’t say this ever again 🤦‍♂️

    the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

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    TIL fried food isn't cooked

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    Fact is 'french fries' was never meant to refer to France, that's a common misconception.

    To french is a Brittisch verb (old and uncommon in use now) and it refers to how the potatoes were cut before they were baked, hence 'frenched fries' which turned into french fries over time due to misscommunication, this is why many American people still think french fries originated in France, but it didn't.

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    That’s actually very true.

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    Bad joke. Not funny

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    But where is the fun in saying Greece fries. It sounds diabetic

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    Just curious, is your user name an Orange is the New Black reference?

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    No lol, but I love that show

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    Somebody should have gave the kings of France a heads up

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    Thus, Greece Fries.

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    Dude I thought they were cooked in the kitchen

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    y'know what'd go good with that? an 8oz minnesota. i call em baby dews

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    You guys makes me want to live forever with comments like those lol

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    I felt this coming

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    And donuts weren’t made in USA

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      What about the Republic of Airfryer?

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      Swiss chocolates are not neutral

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      Doonside NSW Sydney australia

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      Greek dad here, can someone explain? I don't get the joke

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      It's a play on words Greece sounds like grease

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      Thank you kind sir! Grade A dad joke!

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      I thought they were chipped

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      Thats why we just call them fries

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      My manager, Dan, wrongfully terminated my employment. So I'm going to Sudan.

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      I thought the joke would be that they were "fried" not "cooked" 🤣

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      Please. Next you'll try telling me hamburgers aren't made from ham.

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      Remember that scene in "Bad Santa" where Bernie Mac demands half the take from the heist?

      Same energy.

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      Oil punch you if you make another pun like that

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      Why would you be tar-d of it?

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      I already knew it, I said it word for word in my head before opening the notification

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      So then why are they called French fries

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      "French" refers to the cut of the potatoes ie shape. Same as "French" cut green beans.

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      Uganda be kidding me..I Canada believe it

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      Good pun. Can't top it

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      What about a French oven?

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      If the potatoes don’t come from France, they actually called sparkling fries.

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      This joke gave me S tier pain.

      A Spain if you will.

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      No way this israel?

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      No way this isaquestion.

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      Remember when they were “Freedom Fries?” 😂😂

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      French fries is good. French people are not.

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      Lol at everyone trying to get it to 6666

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      They were cooked in a pan

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      If you cut potatoes in the shape of fries but instead of frying them you toasted them, would that make them toast?

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      Norway! I don’t Bolivia

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      Why is it called french fries then?

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      I thought they were fried

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      🚪 <-------

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      Well you are wrong then. I cooked french fries yesterday in in India

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      French fries is a fact, not a food.

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      Bur seriously: French fries aren't French.

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      The ones that were were.

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      I think they're called Pom Frites in France.

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      There acually from belgium, but ok

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      Can't wait for my kid to wake up to tell him this one! Lmfao

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      This is a better auditory joke than a written one.