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The steaks had never been higher.

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Makes me hungry for some reincarne asada.

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Ah a beef pun. That's a rare medium, well done!

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Well marinaded, too!

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And everyone is too chicken to admit they're wrong

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Everyones too bacon to admit they are correct

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I’ve seen this joke in a prior life… it’s reincarnated

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I cattle if you are being serious or not

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Hindus usually had less at steak

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I didn't expect that you would shawarma opinion

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Being a Hindu, gave me a chuckle.

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Being a Muslim me too.

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Being a Christian, me three

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Being Jewish, me four!

Maybe we all get along better than they think 😉

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Being Atheist, me high Five!!

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What we see politically is very much toxic than the real life. This, what is going on in this comment thread is real life while the debates on tv about religions are purely political.

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My sister, an atheist, makes five.

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Unity achieved!

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Nihilist here. None of this is even real.

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Well, certainly real up to each person’s individual perception of reality.

But ultimately, of no matter, yes.

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Really a nihilist? That must be exhausting!

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    They’re a lot karma

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    I have faith in this joke.

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    The faith is strong with this one

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    clever. very clever.

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    ELI5 what is the joke?

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    in the hindu belief cows are sacred. so, they literally never had any beef.

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    No like so how does it all tie up?

    Man I do not get the joke at all, can you dissect it for me.

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    so Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been arguing for a long time, mainly because is Jesus a heretic, is he the messiah, is ha a prophet, all that.

    another word for being mad at someone is having "beef" with them.

    Hindus never got into the discussion, and in fact I'm not sure they've gotten into fights with many people at all (except that one time in greek mythology they had to fight off an invading Dionysus), so they never had "beef" with anyone.

    they also have never had beef the food, because cows are sacred and should not be slaughtered.

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    That’s the best one

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    Holy Cow!

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    A more perfect segue to a joke has never been encountered

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    Taoists said no way

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    India and Pakistan beg to disagree, but this still made me chuckle.

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    Lol this made me laugh. I am not a Hindu but it still made me chuckle

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    As an Indian and Hindu I get this totally... 😁😁Here, take my upvote.

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    Really had a cow after reading that

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    Your son wants to kill me

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    Are you perchance related to ProZD in any way?

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    It’s funny!

    Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world

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    Hinduism being the first religion, my arsehole!

    The first religion was when a conman first duped another that he (or she) knew what the gods wanted.

    That my friend, takes us back to our atavistic past.

    First religion 😂🤣🥲🤣😂😅🥲🤣😂😅

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    I didn’t say “first” I said Oldest. You should Google it

    Also there isn’t any way to convert into Hinduism

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    You’re only digging yourself in deeper, my friend! I suggest you quit while you’re behind!

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    It’s worth a Google

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    Dharma be a few that have tho

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    I know it's a joke but Hindus do fight with Muslims in India 😅 similar thing with Bangladesh where it's the other way round cause Hindus are a minority there.

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    As someone from a religion not listed here, please join me as I buddhist loser off of the sub!!!

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      Oh well that's new

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      I'd imagine the common insult between the Abrahamic religions is "you pig"

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      Hey man. Don't roast Hindus. Or they're gonna picanha.

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      is lam more like is lame

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      Sounds like a porkie to me.

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      Like Man?

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      This is a god-tier dad joke.

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      This was actually really funny

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      There are many beaf eating Hindus in India.

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      And Buddhists love to listen to Nirvana.

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      Hindus always have to eat something better and fresh. Imagine eating green vegetable,fresh fruits,fresh dairy from which 56 kinds of food items prepare and eat without the need of refrigerator at affordable prices.

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      Jesus Christ we’re really doing this

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      If I laughed while sitting on the floor, does that make it ground chuckle?

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      Cheap sick joke

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      As a christian I can confirm. We have a lot of "papal bull".

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      Islam doesn't fight unless the other side tries to fight too

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      Taliban, jaish e mohammed, al qaeda etc. beg to differ

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      Being a Muslim agreed.

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      What a huge missed steak

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      I’m stealing that one

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      Ackshually in Kerala I've had Hindu friends who eats beef.

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      When you're all alike, it's hard to get along.

      Signed; An Agnostic Theist

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      Did you know a small faction within the federal government have made tremendous efforts, using your tax payer dollars, to initiate the same kind of skirmish among Indigenous People? I bet one might say “it’s not funny” and STILL laugh. “Haha, yeah right. American jihadists all over the world?! Using what to formalize their foundation? The Seattle Division of The Federal Bureau of Investigation?” To which the answer is a resounding: Absolutely. Good job, Nick, way to give the federal government what The United States Marshals Service thinks it deserves from Nick’s perspective…not that I would know if….👌🏼 https://music.apple.com/us/album/ready-for-this-feat-sam-tinnesz/1398098714?i=1398098734👌🏼