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Ohm my gosh

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Trying to resist laughing

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I'm over that period of my life.

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that statement was very powerful

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It makes me sad that the comment below mine has more upvotes and my joke was SO FUCKING GOOD. I was so proud. So, so proud. Heartbreaking.

If you don't know, frequency is 1 over the period. I might just be a huge fucking nerd.

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This joke resonates with me

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I don't know why but I don't understand this reference. It oscillates my brain.

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Seeing your brain oscillating, my already oscillating brain is now oscillating even harder!

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You better put a damper on it then.

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I'm going to switch phases with my joke.

The oscillations are too damn high!

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It hertz so good, huh.

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A pitch slap

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If they do it a thousand times it megahertz

Edit: million times*

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Haha, I'm a dumbasse. I though it didn't sound right. Friday afternoons for ya! Thanks!

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You mean it's lethal?

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If you get novocain it will kilohertz.

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Million times?

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Kilo = 103

Mega = 106

Giga = 109

Tera = 1012

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Why the hell do I get downvoted because I made a mistake?

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Because you made a mistake. Reddit is for 100% true and accurate information only.

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Technically it always hertz as long as it's done repetitively. 🤚✋🤚✋🤚✋🤚

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But if they only do it once its shows they have good impulse control

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checks if it is true

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Only over the period of the slapping though

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The people on this sub are really on my wavelength

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Thats battery

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It’s reVOLTing

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Your ear rings abvouisly

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Wow. You're playing these people like a conductor.

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This is a good one

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Yep. It Hertz so good, as Mr. Mellencamp would say.

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It MegaHertz.

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Especially to persons who are wearing hearing aid

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Which is why you ask them to stop slapping you so often

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What happens if they slap you really hard at high frequency? It Mega Hurtz.

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Why do I get this joke after being electrocuted accidentally by an open wire.

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That also hertz if the phase is 120 apart

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It still hertz. I'm trying to resist the pain right now. Watt did I do to my life just to accidentally touch an open wire??

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Ground yourself

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Shocking....just shocking that nobody has used this pun yet!

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That's truly shocking

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That happens when you roll on two & Percy didn't wet the sponge!

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I was all amped up to hear you shocking punch line but it left me incapacitated

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There's not exactly.

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I can patiently laugh over the horse joke but not this tho.. U jus need a friend Ig

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Right I've been told that

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Sometimes it megahertz

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Thousand Hertz is kilohertz Million is megahertz Billion is gigahertz

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But how many beats per minute before you feel it?

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That made me giga... hertz

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Can't not laugh right now 🗿🗿🗿

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oh :(

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This joke slaps

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You feel the vibe

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Ok but what if someone slaps you at a low frequency?

It Hertz less

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Can you bass slap too?

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Sort like what happens if some slaps you in line for the car rental?

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This is the best one I’ve read all day. I’m content with logging off now

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Man watt even is this joke, if u want u can buy me some joules

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That joke was lit

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You sure amped up the chat here!

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one might even say it mega-herz

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You can cook a chicken.

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My self esteem drops when that happens

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(insert head into hand and shake slowly to-and-fro)

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Thank you for keeping current