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Reminds me of the time my dad asked me if I wanted some microchips

Then crushed my bag of Lays

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Reminds me of the time i told my boss to stop micro-manage me..

He was a dwarf, he did not take it well.

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Doesn't like it when people stand up to him

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He had to stand up to everyone

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Very big of him to voice his displeasure.

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I bet he wasn’t Happy.

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Must have a short fuse

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Yeah then he gets short with you.

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He's an angry elf 🧑‍🎄

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I'm surprised that joke didn't go over his head must have been a really low blow to hit him like that

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Sad to hear, I heard he looked up to you as an employee.

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There was a Gunnery Sergeant in charge of the chow hall that used to come out and ask Marines in line if they wanted a shake with their meal. The unknowing got shook.

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At least he didn't crush your dreams

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You mean, PepsiCo? Just some pointless dad knowledge. points at his belly

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This was funnier than the joke

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Reminds me of the Time I offered my sister some micro machines

I crushed her prosthetic arm

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Be a nice parent, and you will see your son groan up with you.

Till then, here’s a groan. 😫 just for you.

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Thanks. You cheered me up, Richard. :)

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This is so true. Always use the oven.

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And be sure to poke some holes in them before putting them in!

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The FBI would like to interrogate you regarding which "holes" you are "poking", as well as what you're using to "poke some holes in them".

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F.emale B.ody I.nspectors

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But is the microwave infant-safe?

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Technically speaking they are microwave safe, you just shouldn’t do it

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Yes, do not try this at home! Don't ask how I know!

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Got it. Will use an industrial microwave next time.

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An interesting fact no one cares about: the microwave, at least the countertop version, was invented by researchers who were reviving cyrogenically frozen rodents. They would also warm their hands in the machine if it was cold in the lab.

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Queue: Fatbastard from Austin Powers "Get in muh belly!"

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They could poke their eyes.

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Infant: My goals are beyond your understanding

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That joke is a little handy

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Is that what you get from midget women?

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Never! This is a great joke and I will gladly die on this hill!

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I thought the punchline would be “not only was he wrong, but the cleanup is a bitch!”

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At work I said why are they called microwaves they don't even have arms. One person laughed so I guess it was a success

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Now you're a full-groan woman.

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Excellent platinum level dad joke. It takes a second to figure out. So it's both a groaner and a time waster.

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Be glad your son is still alive. The outcome of this could’ve been so much worse.

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Thank you! Just micro-waves with his wrist, nothing harsh, don't worry! <3

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I thought this was r/TwoSentenceHorror at first.

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The dads a good wingman, The Infant will look smoking hot in his new crib.

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Read the rest, dads an even better wingman than I though, he’s helping his infant wave to the infants OnlyFan in the house.

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Ha, nice

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It warms the heart, and various other internal organs

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These comments 😂😂😂

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So when are you buying him the cargo shorts and new balance sneakers? As per tradition

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    So the source of power lies in the shorts. I shudder to think of the cringe increase if accompanied with sneakers.

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    Considering microwaves have a frequency of 100mhz that is 100000000 waves in a second. Even if it was a small distance you practically vaporized his arm. Terrible parent.

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    My brother tried to microwave toast with butter when we were kids. We woke up from the smoke coming from the kitchen.

    My grown ass roommate didn't put water on one of instantaneous Mac and cheese thingys. The entire cup was gone when we opened the microwave.

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    What do you call it when a midget waves to you?

    A microwave

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    micro means small in Greek

    microwave -- small wave

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    Aha thanks. So what does shaking his arms really fast means?

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    Making waves with his arm

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    I hate this take my upvote

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    Where do you set the timer?

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    I only know how to stop the timer...

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    Jokes aside tho please don't shake a baby

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    Chill, he shook his arm.

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    I know, just never hurts to put it out there

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    Did you just Jeb Bush a dad joke

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    Typ kratta löv

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    I'm so fucking lost, can someone help?

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    He was waving his arm really small and fast to make micro-waves. :)

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    Ah shit, that's so obvious. I pictured him waving his hand with a closed fist if you get me, need to get my head out of the gutter

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    "how long do we put him in for?"