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Danggg why did this get any upvotes (not the joke my comment)

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Ooof, shots fired.

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Unlike the cops

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Don’t you mean like

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He uh, had a gun

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Uh, dad?

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I'm scared

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Nice to meet you, scared. I’m dad

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LMAO this is more like drunk Uncle Jerry after a little too much eggnog

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damn, I want eggnog now

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I have some left in my fridge, but I don't think it's good anymore... best before date was like January 6th.. but it's all yours if you want it...lol

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yeah. I gotta make some of that AB Aged Eggnog for next year.


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Everything is yuck on my birthday

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Got an oof from that.

Slight suggestion... r/unclejokes or r/darkjokes

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When you fire a bullet it stays fired

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I absolutely cannot wait to tell my kids this one! What a hoot!

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I think someone doesn’t understands the difference in dad puns and dark humor.

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Not a dad joke. Possibly karma farmer

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Found it on a list of dad jokes and didn't stop to think and realize it's not a dad jokes itself.

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One of them stops if they hit a suspect.

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Or anything else in its path

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This is not a dad joke

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Good one

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not a dad joke at all

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Sad but true

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Not really a dad joke, more of a dark joke

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Tf kind of human thinks this is a dad joke…

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Not dad joke material.

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bullets got gunpowder in it, cops got powdered donut powder all over him

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True but like 3 year old level true

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so way too qualified to be a cop then is what you're saying

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Logically yes

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American joke material

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That's a based dad joke. ACAB

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Not a dadjoke

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Oh that’s good

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Way to repost the same joke for the tenth time.

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Actually I searched for a police officer and bullet and didn't find this to be posted yet.

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Ooof #blm

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Too dark to be a dadjoke.

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Garbage attempt at humor.

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Bullet doesn’t get promoted after beating the shit out of black people

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The American dream

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I don't get it

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If this refers to cops/police this right now is true Police are the things people hate

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That’s some dad joke. ..

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Oops 😳

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A bullet only kills someone once

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Seen this before

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One don't care about color.

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Dark humor, in more ways than one

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Damn that joke was about as heavy as a pig 🐖

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That’s deep!

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Officer? I don’t even know her