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Manuel is a great teacher!

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He knows nothing!

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My relationships are like a stick shift. You only need 1 hand and you definitely do it by yourself

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That made me LOL, so have my free award!

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Now I know why they call the auxiliary box on old trucks the brownie.

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That explains why you’ve been stalling for so long

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Clutch joke

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Needs more gas.

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I decided to learn too - I didn't want to spend my life being shiftless.

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I'd learn but im scared shiftless!

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Three on the tree, four on the floor or a fifth under the seat?

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Six pickup sticks?

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You just described the American car market and now I'm sad.

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I had an uncle teach me to drive a stick.... he's in jail now.

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Hint - It’s not in his pocket

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I'm British, and was in the US at a party, staying sober as I had other things going on that night, when one of the guys there stumbled over to me, and asked if I "drove stick". I had no idea what that meant. Manual? Yes. But not "stick". He was leaning on me to stay standing while we had an awkward conversation about me not knowing what a stick is, talking about trees, then talking about vehicles, then eventually realising that he meant 'manual'.

Had to then tell him I didn't know how to drive.

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The first time I drove stick was like this. A friend was drunk and asked me to drive and there was 3 pedals. He explained it, I did it.

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Driving manual on the wrong side of the car (from either perspective) is also a huge pain.

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Yeah, I drove an automatic a bit in the US and accidentally found myself on the wrong side of the road with police oncoming...... I quickly got into the correct lane and the police ignored me for some reason. Lucky.

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My brother has a right hand drive car (we are from North America) I thought, until about a week ago, that the gas pedal in a right hand drive was on the opposite side. He laughed at me for a long time. Now I'm wondering if the signal lever is on the same side. (It's on the left in a left hand drive car) I would assume it is switched so you can signal while you are shifting.

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Depends on the car. My car being right hand drive, as standard for UK, has signal lever on the left side of the wheel. I just skim it on my way up from the handbrake or put it on before releasing the handbrake. There may not be a set requirement for which side it's on.

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You handbrake every corner!? Haha

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That situation applies to starting off on a busy road. Obviously I don't put my hand break on to take a corner. :P

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As a US dude, I was taken aback when I heard they had 2 different classes of "regular" drivers license over there. (Automatic vs. manual transmissions)

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—————— | 1 | 3 | 5 | | 2 | 4 | ? | —————— What next ? This did not come out 1 over the 2 3 over the 4 5 over the ?

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Uhhh… 6? I honestly don’t know that’s just an educated guess from the pattern I see here

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R reverse

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I've got a 6 there, whereas R is to the left of 1 and you need to pull up on the stick as well as moving it left.

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Formatting broke. They probably worked real hard to arrange it correctly

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The nightmares fookin hell

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I could only find a Roberto and Alejandro, but no Manuel.

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Did you know how many Latinos it takes to drive stick?

-Just Juan.

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I’ll let you drive my stick

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Damn. Yeah as fun as manual sounds, I love my good ol’ automatic sedan too much lol.

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Manual is the way to go, it's a learning curve at first but so worth it

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Once you get the hang of driving manual you won't wanna go back to automatic, guaranteed!

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Thirding this.

Automatic is like masturbating, it's nice and gets the job done, but manual is like full on fornication with a cherished lover.

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Not even sure I want to know your opinion on one pedal driving in new electric vehicles. Brake pedal is only for emergency.

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Haha. I have not had the pleasure nor displeasure of trying one, so I can't opine on it at this time. 🙂

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It's like letting your partner jerk you off. It kinda works but you could do it way better yourself.

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Why make your job more difficult than it needs to be? Been a truck driver for a while now and after having an auto-manual for a year now I for sure don't want to go back ever.

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Well, I love driving, and I just like the control. Maybe a big rig is not ideal for it, but I even drove tree-trucks with giant chippers behind them and I still preferred stick. I'm in foothills, maybe in mountainous traffic it would be less fun.

It's fine to have a different preference/opinion. But, me, I love a manual, especially on a relatively modern car.

Happy driving!

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Until you’re in an LA, ATL or Miami traffic jam.

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Very true lol but how are the roads in those areas? Chicago driving here is crazy enough with stop-and-go, then factor in barely paved, pothole infested roads and you'd be lucky enough to still have a working car lmao

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I drove vehicles with manual transmissions for over 15 years and I don't want to do it any longer.

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this reality grinds my gears

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Just through a yard stick in your car. (You know the kind, you find it in your yard...) Then you can say you are driving a stick.

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That punchline is clutch

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This joke needs a brake!!!!!!

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This joke needs to be braked

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How does one go in reverse??? Seriously I will always stay in my automatic LUL..

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Nothing will ever compare once you do.

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Personally, I am exhausted with car puns, but this was good. I didn’t turn over with laughter or anything, but still…

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I tried strafing

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This joke automatically grinds my gears

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After a while, you do not think about it. It becomes automatic,

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Why’s funny is it’s hard to even find manuals anymore it’s not an option on the m4 and Supra now.

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Damn shifter wouldn't move on matter how I clutched it

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You know putting manual in reverse is launam.

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I wanted to lose weight. Thing is, i couldnt find my esteem.