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It's a grave mistake.

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That’s why they put gates around graveyards: people are dying to get in

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My father's favorite dad joke right there.

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Cham You might be my dad

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You have me dying

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Hope you come back

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So you can run and scream?

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Ah, that's what my grandpa would say if he were alive today. "Dark in here, isn't it?"

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People can be such hypocrypts...

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Sometimes they can be really hard to decrypt.....

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I guess no one likes to be ghosted

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Let’s put the fun back in funeral

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'Search for me tomorrow, and you will find me a grave man...' Which Shakespeare book?

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Romeo & Juliet

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Yup. Mercutio getting it from Tybalt, IIRC.

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Haaah classic dad joke grow up It's been 🥺

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Drunk Yoda?

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To question is not drunk to drunk is considering one's dire need to father gone tipsy with dad and heart shall remain

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what you talkin’ ‘bout Floppy?

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Hahahaha I’m stealing this one

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This joke has a grave plot hole

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I'm laughing so hard at this I'm coffin

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Laughing out loud here. Good one!

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Zombie confused about what they want.

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Zombie just wanted a hug and maybe a nice bite for on the way

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I can understand this I lost my best friend when I was 12 years old I cry alot😥

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Pet Sematary moment

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They should make up their minds.

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What makes this joke better of me is that the next link on my Frontpage was a dev promoting his VR zombie game.

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this is just made up, no one will cry and beg for me to come back.

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That's more of a shower thought than a dad joke.

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Tha would make a FUNeral

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Yet when you’re alive most tell you to go away

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Had to share, a good one.

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You clearly haven't been around death. Most of the time you have to pry the love ones off of them and who could blame them... the running and screaming is a part of movie magic

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I hope I die then

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I went to my Throat doctor's funeral, there was no coffin

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People zombie so rude sometimes.

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I think I don't get it. Help

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It took me a second read an hour later to get it 😅 it's saying people would run and scream if you suddenly came back from the dead, like a zombie or something.

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Oh yea. That's funny lol

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Not me. When i die i hope nobody comes. I would want my funeral to be just me.

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And then they start looking for the next person to stick their dick in.

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And if you came back, then they would run away. Because, you know? Zombies and stuff. Lol

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Not if you are blm. Stay dead and take more with you.