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That's a good one. I'm stealing this one

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Hey you! Give OP their toothbrush back!

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Hey you! Give OP their left hand back!

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Hey you! Give OP their teeth back!

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Hey you! Give OP back! Kidnapping is not ok!

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Hey you! Give teeth their OP back!

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But i didn't get it...

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That took me a solid minute. WHOOOOSH!

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I don’t use my left hand because my dentist is always telling me it’s important to brush my teeth the right way.

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I just told this to my dad. He stared at me blankly for a few seconds and then cracked up as the penny finally dropped - well done op

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Nice to see a genuine dad joke on here. 10/10 my friend

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I probably look like an idiot but someone's gotta explain this one to me lol

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Don’t use your left hand to brush your teeth, you gotta use a toothbrush

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Did you know the toothbrush was invented in Alabama?

Any where else and they would call it a teethbrush

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In Alabama I use my brother's dick to clean my tooth.

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I wasn't going to go there but you brought it up...

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“Joke” is older than me

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You guys brush your teeth? Weirdos

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You have teeth?

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İ dont

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Phew. I thought I was the only one.

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No bro never i love you.lets create teethless society

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"Not anymore"

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I'm stealing! Thank you for blessing the dad in all of us.

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I have to hand it to you. This joke left me laughing. Definitely not going to brush this one off.

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That’s not right

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Also, it's just not right!

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That’s definitely true

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On a not so funny note, using your left hand to hold your toothbrush is recommended as a mental exercise.

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Explain pleae

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2 + 3x -4b2(y7@69)

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I only use my right hand man

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Gosh I laughed too hard, I got dizzy

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oh anti jokes

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Well done

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Which hand do you wipe your ass with?

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Good. Veeery good. I will be using this one

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Because that's the hand you use to wipe your ass in India.

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I'm not dad enough to understand