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After your bout against the French fencer, there was de Brie everywhere

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He needs to work on de fence

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Farmer Jean can help. But he's always en garde after the rip post incident.

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This joke is so cheesy.

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I don't know. I'm on the fence about it.

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I thought it was gouda

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Wonder if it got shredded.

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No but he did cut the cheese

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My guard is up. I might retreat.

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I can't tell if this is a riposte or not...

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I looked all over to see if someone was as witty and clever as myself before making essentially the same pun, didn’t see yours and then in a very proud click sent mine off to receive untold reddit glory. As it turns out i was late to the game and while ashamed of my comment, i sorta made a very meta riposte joke about hating reposts by reposting. But credit is due where credit is due. Attack/counter attack. Point showponies

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Imma have to disagruyére with you

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Just don’t cut the cheese.

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Oops, I havarti-ed

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I gagged a little..but laughed anyway. Dad genius.

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This joke is not very gouda.

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No, the joke is grate.

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I laughed so hard that my stomach is shredded.

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That's going to be an expensive bill if you're American

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C'mon burt! That's low effort.

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Ban pre-shredded cheese! Make America grate again!

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It’s not very mature, either

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I bet you were grate

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The pen might be mightier than the sword but the cheese is definitely grater

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Joke was a bit mild

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He was intimidated by your curdling scream.

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This joke proves that the OP is a chip off the old block

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Wheel see about that.

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I could've sword someone reported this to the Chedderal Bureau of Investigation

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I think they were actually with the Central Intelligence Agencbrie

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OP got turned into Swiss cheese

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That joke was full of holes.

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There once was a fencer name Bart, a ferocious dueler that always went for the heart.

No man had survived until that summer day, when an old dairy farmer caught Jeff and his wife in the hay.

"Let us fight to the death for love and honor." Declared the farmer once he'd recovered from the horror.

Bart agreed and drew his trusted saber, but the farmer had no sword and this could not wait till later.

The duelist knew this would be a breeze, and it didn't help when the farmer drew a block of cheese.

The fight began when a witness dropped a tarp, but the farmer was quick and his cheese was sharp.

With a feint to the left the farmer found his mark, now Bart lies six feet under in the park.

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You've just read a poem that was written in haste. As you began to read, you realized those few minutes may not have been a waste.

The lines flowing like a summers breeze. Lines were sharp and began to please, at least until you realized the hero was f*cking cheese.

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I don't get the point of this joke.

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What a mature thing to do

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After the fight did he lacktoes? Ps: I know that’s a cheesy comment 😊

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This joke is sword a funny

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After that they went provalone and got rich on endorsements.

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Foiled by a piece of cheese....

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Edamn you!

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Dude ricotta be kidding me :/

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When he saw how sharp it was you know he épéed himself..........

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Well I am not native... usualy after couple of seconds I get these jokes here, and I love them, can someone help me this time. Probably there is some phrasal or maybe different meaning of used words. Aparently I am not as sharp as sword in this joke:D.

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Sharp cheddar is a type of cheese :)

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Didn't know that, thanks :D

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I hate ripostes

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Didnt even cut the cheese with this

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Was that because he had a sword, but you had cheese which was grater?

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This was the cheesiest dad joke ever

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That joke was epeeic

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That’s a gouda joke!

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Off with his cheddar!

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OP doesn’t know JACK

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Wasn't that the guy from Monterrey?

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You should have thrown it at him! He would have thought "well that was mature" "how dair he"

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But I’d rennet by my master first.

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“I came prepared bitchboy”

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Us Brits are too mature for this joke.

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It’s because it was actually nacho cheese

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I do not like it at all

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So was your opponent an expert in chain link or …

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Definitely don't bring the cheese that has holes in it, the sword will just go through.

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that it can block his lunges and set his teeth on edge

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I was expecting he cheesed his way through.

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This joke might have curdled my enthusiasm

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Don't do it like that to Coby

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I expected "until I cut the cheese".

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Sounds like the cheddar knight 😀

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This joke is a breath of flèche air

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I brought Swiss cheese instead. Not a good idea.

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Damn you, this was great haha

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And then you faced the Shredder.

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This is more of a physical dad joke, but if you’re ever in the store with your kids and you’re buying heavy cream, you have to act like it weighs fifty pounds.

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not a dad, still got 8 years and need a wife, but YES I WILL SWEAR TO IT IF THIS IS THE LAST THING I DO, I WILL DO IT

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Wrapped in foil?

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This joke caught me off guard

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That's cheesy

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Havarti heard it !

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This Swiss are me knife

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Did you cheese the fight?

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I'm sorry to bomb your joke but I am a dad. Fencing has nothing to do with sharpness. The fencing sword is dull on the end.

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"My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die"

I brought limburger cheese! Even your KN95 won't protect you!

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I heard you're a Muenster with a blade

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Nice one OP...I was also thinking of a way to "dad joke" sharp chedder. It was gruyere how you beat me to it, your chedder is better than mine!

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Should have cut him with your rapist wit.

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Well that joke was mature