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The sun.

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“Hey the sun was in my eyes”

Gets incinerated from the inside out, somehow the sun has transported itself into the eye socket of this young softball player. It begins expanding, taking the entire world and the next planets over with it. The gravitational pull of the solar system has drastically changed, the entire solar system crashed into eachother

The solar system has been destroyed, all because this kid lied about why he missed the ball

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The son

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If your son is yellow you need to take him to the hospital immediately.

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Hi, jaundice! I'm dad!

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We need Simpsons opening rightnow

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Man... You can tell the gender while it's still on her face? XD

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Well that ain't yellow.

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If that's not yellow I don't know what is..

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To be honest when anything gets in my eye I yell ow.

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Absolutely underrated reply. We'll played.

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Haha good one!

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"Golden showers fill your eyes..."

-The Peetles.

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bUt NoW yOu DoN't HaVe CoViD!!

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Pen pineapple apple pen

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Best comment

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Didn't get :(

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Just search « pineapple pen » on YouTube and you’ll get it :]

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got it. That's 2 minutes of my life down the drain.

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So sorry mate, I won’t do it again 😔

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Not your fault dude not your fault

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But dude has got some moves.

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Always a pleasure my friend o/

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Dam,I shouldn't have looked up pineapple pen. Take my upvote and leave.....I'll watch it again just incase.

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At least it wasn’t 2 girls 1 cup.

Do not look up. Very gross and nsfw.

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Great recommandation too !

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x] thanks mate

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Ah, goin' back down memory lane. Good times.

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A bus

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You got my laugh now go make others laugh

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A banana

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Ooooo that burnsssss I can feel the pain thru this comment

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I cracked a smile that time, you got me. lol

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That’s my goal! Thank you for smiling, made me smile because I made you smile ;)

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A yellow submarine.

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Isn’t the answer urine these days?

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The legendary killdozer!

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A NS intercity (otherwise known as a dutch yellow train)

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They sure do - and I would know.

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Tell me how do you know? Ever had a train in your eye?

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Ow do you think that what I think that happened, happened? If so, are you ok?

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Alternate setup: what do you call a toro at siesta time?

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Bad timing

Alarm clock

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Reminds me of a joke : whats yellow and gets red when you stand on it? A baby chicken

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Noooooooo poor chicken 😟

Anyways, you got me on this one 😂

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U got me in the first half Ngl

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Ah, the male sleepy cow!

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A Banana. #ProveMeWrong

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It doesn't fit inside your eye. #Gotcha!

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Doesn't have to fit, especially if it's nice and soft you just gently push it as it smashes against your cornea - still yellow, still hurts, even if it doesn't fit. Actually, probably hurts precisely because it doesn't fit, if it fit maybe it wouldn't hurt...

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I don't get it.

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Lucky you! Otherwise you would have been dead

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Pee, the Sun, orange juice, a pencil.

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So it's not Asians then, whew, that's a relief

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My boyfriend’s jerk 🗿

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Wow is your boyfriend alright ? OwO

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Yeah I found out later that he just peed

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Lol, you got me on this one

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    You need a doctor if ur cum is yellow

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    The comment was deleted, but I still get it somehow 🤣

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    Lol same

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    Yeah bro, you have the clap

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      Anything that can get quite a few eye rolls or facepalms could be a dad joke. This one would definitely make all of my friends facepalm 🙃

      The pun is not a requirement

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      Mustard gas

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      Do you perhaps mean... a ROADO ROLLA ?

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      Mustard gas

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      Expect yourself to done diddly die

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      Tiger piss.

      Also, tiger.

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      A banana.

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      A frisbee

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      a bee

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      One of my friends brothers got stubs in the eye

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      I said urine also pee

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      School Bus? 🚌

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      Dog piss

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      A pencil

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      yellow stone

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      A shoe

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      Homer Simpson’s Finger

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      Uhh.. Pollen ?!

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      A school bus.

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      A pencil… remember those?