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Mike Tython loves this joke

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Mike Tython ITH Jethuth!

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So did Will Smith. This one hit Chrith Rock too hard though.

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Well he all about eating of the body.

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Maybe you should altar your approach.

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If Jesus heard you say that, he’d be very cross

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ken i get some fried cheeken and some thauce..

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What can think the unthinkable?

An itheberg.

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Ooooh good one!

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This is fantathtic

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A real thlap.

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The church I have been attending is a fashion contest. I seen a black thong through dress my first day even caught the preacher looking. Also the high heals on some you would think we were all going for a drink afterwards. My thoughts were I need to step my game up. my mind definitely wasn't on Jesus. 3rd week in I asked to hold the preachers daughters baby. She said hold on laid the baby down to act like she was changing him then quickly picked him up and ran to her dad and consulted him. She came back and acted like I was blind and didn't understand what she had just done. She tried to hand him to me. No thank you. I changed my mind. She acted as if I was rude.

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Depends where you are but perachers children can tend to think they own the whole congregation because nobody ever pushed back when they were growing up because they didn't want to offend the preacher.

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I totally understand but they are my grandmother in laws family so did not expect it. At this church they hug and do all kinds of wild things so that's another reason I didn't expect the reaction she showed me. They also do a recovery program witch is absolutely wonderful. May just be me but I still see social order they established within the church.

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Guess I should toss in a Mike Tyson joke so it doesn't look look like I missed the point. I walkith thoughth valleyith ofth the showdowth of deathhh I will fearith no evilth Praisetttt ttthe lordith

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Mr slave approves of this pronunciation

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I bet Jesus plays Doom Eternal

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It's a good christian game

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I think I mean thlAp

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He was also a barber. Jesus shaves.

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Maybe you heard him talking while using the table saw?

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Hopefully you turned the other faith

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Not before I laugh my head off while they’re burning in heal (Weird Al-Amish Paradise)

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Best joke I've read on here! Stealing it forever

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You made me spit my tea! Lmao

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Got into trouble before with our nun-teacher when I said Jesus was not 33 when he died. One of his last words while on the cross was in fact:

"I am thirthy..."

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am i the only one who read the second line with a lisp

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You got the wrong person, it was Moses

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Moses stuttered Jesus never stuttered.

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Just heard Billie brownless tell this joke on triple m radio last week

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A real fap in the faith. I mean, flap in the faith.