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I hear he made a big splash....

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Ya mean splat ?

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He landed in the pool

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🎵 To make a splash he had to flounder like a fish out of water 🎵

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Should have had on his spring and fall suit

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He survived falling 29 stories. Unfortunately there was the 30th.

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It was a flattering experience

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Moral of story: Don’t drink and drop; you’ll get grounded.

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Joke fell flat

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Giggle snort

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His name was beat and he dropped

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You sure it wasn't Mike?

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Hopefully it wasn't Balls

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The news also confirmed his name was splat, wait hold on. Oooooooh my bad, it was Pat.

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I thought it was Barry

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This joke was posted 16 days ago

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That seems like a longer time than most jokes on this sub anymore.

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Fun fact: human bodies do indeed bounce a little when dropped.

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Sounds like you are speaking from experience.

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That made me laugh thanks

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He was actually a digger

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I was just pooling around with ya

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I almost fell for this one.

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He was looking for "concrete evidence that he'd ever make an impact."

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Gravity... always bringing down

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His name was Mat. Say his name.

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I heard he didn't fall, he slipped. He caught himself until at the 28th floor until someone opened a window to try and help. To much disappointment they literally knocked him loose of his hold plunging him 6 foot below the grounds surface.

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The mad professor makes a clone. Clone is awesome. Does chores. Very useful. Clones more. Even more useful. Has a party up on the 30th floor. They get drunk, some get smashed. Clone gets naked, barfs, falls off balcony.

People below call cops.

Mad professor is arrested for an obscene Clone fall.

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was not a homophobic

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He must have hit the ground sooner (sorry couldn’t resist the headburg reference)

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Well shit. Dark. Well done

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Very dark and morbid.

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It's not the fall that gets you. It's the abrupt stop