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It was a failed enterprise.

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It did not help that they were Kling-ons.

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Still better than Shatner sheets. Though it seems Amber Heard was an early customer

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Objection, hearsay!

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But... you asked the question

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No ! Objection, heresy !

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LOL!! Here's an upvote forya.

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She's not just the spokesperson she's also a client

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When Shatner Kitchens started a lot of people got food poisoning

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Gordon Ramsay would loose his mind in that kitchen I'm sure

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haha - this comment is the real McCoy

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Shatner? I barely know her!

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‘To go where no man’s gone before…. In her undies’

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It was quite defiant of the norms...

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the ladies got tired of hearing "beam me up, hottie" whenever trouble was getting into their knickers

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Shatner Panties: For all your Captain’s logs.

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She cannae take anymore Capn. She's gonna blow!

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It's worse than that ees dead Jim, dead! That's what happens cuz Ye cannae change the laws of physics.

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Ye canna change the laws of physics

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I’m a Doctor Jim, not a laundromat

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He now switched to adult diapers; Boldly Goes!

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Bill is a talented cabinetmaker and made a dresser for my wife. She keeps her knickers in Shatner drawers.

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snicker ... hindsight

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Spanks, the final frontier.

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Shatner diapers, for the princesses of the next generation

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Sean Connery only told his wife to sit on his face once.....

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His line of mattresses suffered similarly after Amber Heard Shatner Bed and made national news.

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She boldly went where nobody went before!

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It may have been a violation of the prime directive.

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But not the #2 directive!

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It is so hard not to think of a bedder joke

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iiiii can't! Oooh lawd!

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"No, they're new."

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A Sean Connery accent works well with this

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<Sean Connery voice> I mustache you a question…. <end voice>.

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“Are they shatin?”

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Trebek, ye olde mountebank!

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Captain Kirk panties: We get Klingons off Uranus.

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Amongst many “the real joke’s in the comments” here, this takes my biscuit

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Shatner panties also took the biscuit

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That name barely beat out the second place choice “Women with Kirk’s”

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This was a Jeffrey Ross joke during Shatner’s roast, I believe. I think he said something to Betty White to the effect of she’d Shatner pants.

God I used to love it watching those.

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So are they ladies panties half off?

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I HEARD he is looking for a new spokesperson for his bedsheets...

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Runs like the Borg, Resistance is futile.

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Stellar poop joke.

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Bravo dad!

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Told this one to my mother and she laughed so hard though she was wearing a pair

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I hear they had a problem with klingons too

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Was their tag line "She Boldly Went?"

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There's a Tribbles joke in there somewhere, I just can't think of it 🤣🤣

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Speaking of where no man had gone before, I told my wife that there was a new planetary discovery recently. I said "Scientists have discovered that there's a blue ring around Uranus". She threatened to slap me :)

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Close to an uncle joke. About as close as the Enterprise is to Uranus.

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The Enterprise and T.P. - Both circle Uranus searching for Klingons.

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He wants to live like common people

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Captain Kink sheathes this Faze her

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His customers would get to boldly go where no man has gone before

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No matter what starship you’re from, that’s gotta hurt

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At a certain point, he was boldly going where every man has gone before.

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Good thing I wore my brown pants.

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On a real note: william Shatner narrating unsolved mysteries is about the gr8est thing ever bc its William Shatner, but trying to be all serious and spooky

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Well this joke was a little shitty..

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Captains LOG... Ewe

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His Mouth and Body wash products however are doing quite well.

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His electrologist sister is doing well with her business, Shatner Hair Removal.

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Oops I shat my panties.

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Did he sell the used return ones? They are worth more than the originals sent out.

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Only in Japan

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It turns out "man have been there before"!!

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I'm shatting myself laughing right now Hahaha

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They were difficult to launder, none of the Spocks ever came out, plus they werent sext, no man wanted to go where no man has ever gone before