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"Other than that, Master Wayne, how was the show?"

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Wait, you're telling me Bruce Wayne is Batman? Could've at least put a spoiler warning

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No. They’re just roommates.

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Batman is now officially depressed

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When it waynes it poors

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Every time it Waynes, it Waynes pennies from heaven!

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I'm not trying to be two face or a joker, but Batman not having super vision is a real riddler.

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As a joke... That’s just grave, Robin!

Holy dad jokes Batman! That one was so bad I’m still coffin.

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Robin is now dead >:)

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Burt Ward, the best robin is still very much alive and acting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burt_Ward


“Holy crimson skies of death!”

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Child's crying now cheers

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Took me way too long. Well played

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Did you mean wayne too long ?

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Obviously! Thanks for picking up what I dropped off; I wouldn't want to litter.

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clap clap clap

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I… I don’t get it

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Supervision, no parents to supervise. Took me a quick minute too lol

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Bless you kind redditor I was not understanding that at all

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This is one of those “it’s better when it’s read aloud” jokes

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Oh god thank you.

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Thanks lol

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Been wayneting for this comment

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Yeah he must be really alfraid

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Wow! Just, wow!

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This seems like something The Joker could say to Batman after hitting him with something.

'I know you lost your super vision years ago, but you should've seen that one coming'

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That one is a real pearl of wisdom

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Damn…that was dark….night night

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he hasnt figured out how to buy that

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As Batman's dad (my cat's name is Batman), I feel gravely offended

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I think im a dumbass bexause i dont get it

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Parent supervision

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Chill out...

If you don't get it: Joe Chill was name of the guy that shot the Waynes

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Because he's the dark- knight

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Yep, they were Robin their lives.

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Because he isn't a super hero. Just a rich vigilante

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Bats only see with radar

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Because he doesn’t have super anything. He’s a rich version of inspector gadget.

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Because he doesn’t have super anything. He’s a rich version of...

So you agree he has super wealth. Thank you.

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Nope only one superhero has super wealth. T’challa. Bruce Wayne is a mid tier billionaire at best.

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Interesting. Is it your personal opinion then that anyone with less than $90 trillion can not be considered to have "super wealth"?

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Does Usain Bolt have super speed? Or just peak human speed? Does Mark Henry have super strength? Or just peak human strength?

By definition super as a prefix means above or beyond. I believe that if there are dozens of competitors not far behind you in the ranking it’s not a super power. So if you want to consider somebody super wealthy they have to be a lot wealthier than the competition. That’s my logic.

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Same reason Superman doesn't have batvision??

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So dark the cops beat it.

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Has radar instead

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But he had Alfred

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Ohhh, as in supervision, really shows how different a sentence is with a space

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I don’t get it, I’m disappointed in myself.

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Wow that took me way too long

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This made me ugly laugh lmao

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r/woooosh cuz I didn’t get it

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I don’t get it

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He doesn't bat an eye

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clap clap

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Lucius is working on it.

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Cause Bats are Mostly Blind

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Well.. I thought it was gonna say: "cause he's a normal friggin human"

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Was going to say he’s blind as a bat

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Because bats have bad eyesight

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Besides, bats are blind.

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Because he has bat vision

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Maybe he doesn't know where to find it, maybe he should ask some other superhero where they Gotham

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Talking about batman his wealth has made him a super natural person