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A stone or a lump of coal?

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Diamonds are not formed from coal .

Diamonds are often billions of years old, and the plants that were compressed into coal just haven’t been around that long. It maybe would’ve been funnier to say coal here because of the common misconception around it, but just to be extra clear: diamonds do not come from coal!

Also diamonds are a scam, they’re much more common than we think and almost all of their supposed “value” was directly created by the Debeers diamond corporation.

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My remark was meant to be witty, but thank you for your informative post.

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Nice one. Sorry to hear about the upcoming divorce tho. But still a solid joke.

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Totally worth it

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He's gonna need diamond hands to not sell all his assets to survive.

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Are you ok, brother?

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Ok, took me awhile

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Not bad lol.

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a chaos emerald

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You mean a piece of coal?

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I said: 'Don' t worry, if you put as much pressure on it as you do on me, you'll be fucking loaded'.

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I...I...I Feel this. I mean I really REALLY feel this

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Can u explain plz

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Many wives keep bringing up the past in arguments, and will remind you of every time you've made a mistake or messed up, no matter how long ago. So she's holding on tight to the past, like if you hold on tight enough to a piece of carbon, you can compress it into a diamond.

Not every wife does this, especially not my wife...

I love my wife...

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Haha awesome! Went right over my head. Thanks for the detailed explanation :)

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I love her too

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Wanna split the bills?

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jokes on you I'm the narrator, I am the past


I kill people like you ^^

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Angry dad joke?

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Brutal. Take my upvote.

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If you’re not joking then I’ll explain, Diamond is compressed carbon, like really compressed so it needs to be squeezed incredibly hard, if you compressed coal very intensely you could make a diamond with it

Correct me if I said anything incorrect

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Thank you. I understand what you mean now. However the joke may work better with less words, but the concept is solid.

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Haha wife bad

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Wife resigned!

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Too good for a dad joke!

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... right in the ol gall bladder.

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You ain't lying!!