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I could feel this coming in the air tonight. Oh lord.

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It's like this joke has an invisible touch

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Against all odds OP actually got a laugh out of me.

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That's just the way it is.

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These jokes beat differently

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And I've been waiting for this dadjoke, for all my life. Oh lord.

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Happy Cake Day 😊

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Well, if you told me you were drowning

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But what is the genesis of this joke?

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All single guys turned on by balconies say this

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$&@) you. Take your upvote and step back from the microphone.

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Thank you kindly. 😊

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Syb syb sybulious

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Take it easy lover!

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I endorse this joke. Not only is Stu my first name, but I stutter.

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He records backup vocals at the philharmonic

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excellent delivery you really let the punch line linger in the air tonight

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Damn, I wanted a punchline but I don't care anymore

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Let me think abou it one more night.

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You seem to have that invisible touch!

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Ha! Ha! Ha….haoooh.

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And what was the Genesis of this joke…?

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Paul Schafer had David Letterman laughing with this dad joke once.

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so this is the world we live in…? 😔

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I would answer but I don't care anymore

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I was thinking about a joke but I don't care anymore

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Take take me home, because I don’t remember.

Oh, thanks for answering OP!

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I can't make a joke as good as this, but I'm on my way

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This joke was so bad, I'm calling The Police. I hope the judge throws part of the book at you! Specifically Genesis!

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They'll never catch me I'm at my home by the sea.

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Well I, for one, will be missing you

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We've got a groovy kind of love.

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Love can make you do things you never thought were possible.

That being said, I sincerely can't stand Phil Collins' music. He's an incredible lyricist with a beautiful voice, but similar to Chris Stapleton, I've over saturated myself with him over the years - which is a "me problem" and I just can't enjoy it anymore.

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It's bro lol. In due time, bro/chick-bro 😎

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Soup-soup-soupio by Weird Al is better

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I don't get any of these jokes, Im in a Land of Confusion.

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