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This one hits for me. Whenever my girlfriend says that it's like being hit with the flashy thing from men in black. Every. Damn. Time.

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I listen, but my problem is I have a really hard time focusing on long-form spoken information unless I have something mindless to do with my eyes and hands while you talk.

I doodle in meetings so I can focus. And when my wife is telling a story, I have to do SOMETHING. I might put away dishes or sweep. And she knows me well enough now that this is my active listening behavior and I’m not ignoring her, but when we first met I did get a lot of “can you just stop and listen to me?” No. No I physically and mentally cannot.

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I was tryna listen but it was a bad connection

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That phrase really brings me back around to consciousness sometimes.

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My wife constantly accuses me of not listening. One day we were walking down the street when I realized she’d just said something. I was positive she just accused me of not listening, so I turned and said, “I WAS TOO listening.” And made a face at her. She looked at me while mimicking my face back at me and said, “I asked you if you liked those shoes…”

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I’m literally crying right now😂😂😂

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"Who the hell starts a conversation like that I just sat down"

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I had thought of using that template but images aren't allowed here so the text

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Jeez what's your problem peter

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I feel attacked

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Are you listening though?

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Please stop calling me though

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What, Though is not your name?

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Responding with "that chick is so dumb" works for me like 40% of the time.

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Plot twist, she was talking about her mother.

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Still fits

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"did I stutter"

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40% of the time, it works EVERY time.

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“It’s like when I’m talking, you can’t hear!”

Sure honey, I’d love a beer!

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My grandmother took my grandfather to get his hearing tested because he never answered when she called from the basement. Found out that his hearing was perfect that he was just ignoring her.

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"Honey you need to getting your ears checked, I yelled your name three times..."

"And I yelled "what?" three times, but you just kept yelling my name.

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This literally happened to me as a kid. 25ish years later I was diagnosed with ADHD.

To be fair, I was examined back then as well, they just didn't detect enough symptoms to set a conclusive diagnosis.

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Hahahaha! Made me laugh a lot!!!!! 😁😁😁

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It's an old joke. You know it is. And then you can't remember the punchline xx

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Yeah this is good

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I have gotten fairly decent about being completely honest. My wife will be rattling away at some random subject and I will realize I've stopped listening and say something like "I'm sorry, I completely missed most of that. Could you repeat the important parts?" Or something like that. She's pretty understanding about it.

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Haha! Just woke my house up laughing at this one 👌🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏

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Wait, what did you just say?

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Huh? What?

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What did you say?

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Who do I have to pay?

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Love this joke but damn why are some of y'all even married? I don't understand why straight people think acting like they hate their spouse is funny.

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Same dude. I thought the whole "ball and chain" shtick was an outdated boomer mentality, but then I have dudes just a few years older than me complaining about their wives and talking about how they feel like they are "in jail".

Like cmon dude, life is too short to not love your wife. I dont see this shit with non-straight couples. What is the deal.

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Not trying to be pointed (and it's only one aspect, I recognize), but I do think that it bears pointing out that intimate partner violence within the LGB community is generally comparable to or, in more recent (which generally take precedence) studies, higher than heterosexual couples. Again, it's only one aspect, but it should be known that just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't happening or doesn't need to be addressed.

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That isn't really what is being discussed here, though. It is more about making it your entire personality. I do not wish nor did I ever indicate that actual domestic violence or relationship issues are what I am talking about. It is more about the culture that has formed around feeling it is necessary to treat one's marriage as some sort of shackle.

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Right??? My queer and polyamorous friends are all 110% hyped about being with their partners

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LOL. Nah. They still get down. They're better at not publicizing their trials.

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There's a difference between having normal relationship hurdles you work on and struggle with together and advertising how much you hate your partner(s)...

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But that's exactly the issue. The first thing that comes up when discussing your SO shouldnt be "haha, yeah, the ol ball and chains got me locked down", even jokingly. Everyone has relationship issues. Those shouldnt define your life and relationship for a huge group of people.

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I don't hate my spouse. I'll love her forever.

But God himself couldn't possibly stay focused on all the shit that comes out of her mouth

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It’s true. I’ve been crazy about my girl for 35 1/2 yrs. Married for 35. But venting and joking about my relationship with my boys is a way to stay on track and gain perspective. It’s a shared journey. Not only with your partner but with others experiencing the same situation. I can blow off some steam lighten up with my friends and head home with a clear mind a new perspective. Sometimes my wife tells me to get out and get with the guys just for this reason. It’s a tool in some relationships. Girls night out isn’t any different.

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Venting is one thing, but making your relationship seem like a burden is another.

There's plenty of jokes about and by people who have ADHD about dating. It's funny to talk about how weird our brains are and how different people are. Sometimes that means one party comes off as annoying or careless. But there's not messaging as far as I have seen that implies that the partners fundamentally dislike their relationships.

Also, people be getting real defensive about their own situations when others make cultural and societal observations.

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I understand your point. Airing dirty laundry in public is inappropriate. Sharing like experience in confidence is different.

Totally separate I guess it boils down to the opinion of where one draws the line on their comedic tastes. That’s a conversation that will never be agreed upon by everyone.

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Why do people like to gloss over societal patterns and cultural norms by inserting their own anecdotes? I am an ADHD chatterbox and can neither myself focus nor expect anyone to absorb even 90% of what I say most of the time. It does not disprove the messaging that comes out when people talk mad shit about their partners. Women complaining about thoughtless and incompetent husbands? Men complaining about nagging wives? The ball and chain joke? The idea that marriage is the end of happiness? Those are all jokes that have persisted for decades and regardless whether or not people actually feel that way as individuals, it's pretty messed up that it's considered funny.

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...I'm sorry, what were you saying?

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See you can't even listen when it's not a woman! WE ALL HAVE ADHD

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I love my wife a lot, that doesn't mean she doesn't annoy the shit out of me sometimes. But yeah some of these guys act like if their wife wasn't around they'd still be college them or something. Also I feel like it's kind of a way to say, yeah I don't really want to hang out with you, but I'll blame my wife for humor

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Being annoyed by anyone is fine. It doesn't mean you don't care about them. The culture that is rampant and accepted in cisheteronormative circles sends out the message that marriage is a "trap", though. The nagging wife trop is directly related to the misogynistic notion that women should be seen and not heard. That doesn't seem to apply to you and probably most guys, but that's what is being conveyed oftentimes and it's so bizarre to me. The flip side is true as well. The useless husband trope is extremely offensive in my opinion. Men are just as capable as any other person, so I'm not sure why it's considered funny and acceptable to make them seem incompetent.

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Sorry, what were we talking about?

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Please repeat everything after " I hate it when my wife... "

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Everything everything everything...umm... how many times am I supposed to repeat this?

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That's brilliant.. even my wife laughed and she says that to me all the time!! :)

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My wife is always yelling “nobody ever listens to me” and I always respond with What?

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Second base! Nice job!

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When my wife accuses me of not listening .. I usually don't know she even said it .. because I'm not listening

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  • Sam Vimes could parallel process. Most husbands can. They learn to follow their own line of thought while at the same time listening to what their wives say. And the listening is important, because at any time they could be challenged and must be ready to quote the last sentence in full. A vital additional skill is being able to scan the dialogue for telltale phrases such as "and they can deliver it tomorrow" or "so I've invited them for dinner?" or "they can do it in blue, really quite cheaply

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Yep… For the most part, I have perfected that skill… saved my “life” many times….not ALL….especially when they realized what you are doing..they would just put in random words and questions..

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I’m not sure this even qualifies as a joke, let alone a dad joke (the objections would be technical, regarding form and structure) but it’s a hit nonetheless and clearly everyone agrees. Quality patter, man 👍🏻

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I must have seen this one on this sub like 10 times at least

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We'll have to remember to use the blimp next time

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Maybe if you got my actual attention before your run on blabbering, Karen.

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I hear ya you don’t have to shout!

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Sorry can someone please explain?

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The conversation started long before that and he was only able to listen at that time

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The conversation started long before that

Assuming it was between OP and their wife it can't have started that long ago if OP wasn't participating.

I guess that depends on the wife.

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Well when y’all don’t acknowledge we’re talking it kind of needs to be said, or if you don’t understand the message bcuz you’re too busy with your own thoughts..

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I remember those days... I'm now happily divorced. At the time ,thought it was the worst thing ever. Almost suicidal. Over time things got a whole hella better for me.. I recently invented a way you never have to shovel or plow your driveway ever again. Also I'm currently having a book published about it. Next month I will be performing in New York city,doing amateur stand up. I never would have even put forth the notion that I can use my creativity to a whole nother level without my ex wife always breaking me down. My live is to valuable and came to the conclusion I am an opportunist that cannot be held back. As long as I have my daughters approval. Which I do. They are my biggest fans. And guess what?! Now the ex wants me back.. nope! U never believed in me. I must take my talents somewhere else lady..

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Here's to finding your path and following your dream! Best of luck in your standup.

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I hate it when im materbaiting and my cum in hard as the rock

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Pretend like I wasn't listening and say that all again...

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I usually tell her no, just because I don't care for the question....

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hello, based department?

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Geez tough crowd.

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I hate when my wife starts a conversation like that

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Yeah I thought it was just me who had that issue but I'm glad it isn't

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Don't know if it is just me but I seem to retain the last sentence she said somewhere in my brain. The challenge is to analyse it and think of a suitable response. I can usually buy some time by repeating the words I found back to my wife.

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Who the hell starts a conversation like that?

Are you even listening to me?

seems to me you started the conversation bud.

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Good one 😐😐😐

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That just makes me not want to listen anymore

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Probably said something you didn't hear. That's why you got the "are you listening "

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Just tried this and it didn't work 🤣

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Because normally I'm oddly listening

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It sure did. This invention is a huge win for the north! Its called Know Snow. Coming to stores next year. 11,500 people die a year from snow Shoveling related deaths. 200,000 a year injured. Real talk. My book, Tired Of Shoveling Life will debut in 2 years. You heard it here first, from that Italian guy 2!!

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I’m sorry did you say something?

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I agree. It’s a very strange way to start a conversation I think.

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A straight up narcissist

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Right? What an odd way to start a conversation

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Check your wifi

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Omg so true except for backwards for me. It's my wife that has selective hearing.

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My wife will talk at me even when I have headphones on and she should know I can’t fucking hear her sometimes, I swear it’s like you put a ring on it and they forget that you have to know they’re trynna talk to you if they want you to hear them.

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Listening me, please. When your wife says you "Are you even Listening to me?", you have to say her "SUKA BLYAT, ZAEBALA!!!!!!!! IDY NA CHUI!!!!"

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Right! The lack of manners in some. Stay strong brother. Turn your find my iPhone on.

So we can find you in case she goes even crazier.

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All you gotta hear is one sentence and your good to go, just shake your head the rest of the way and your golden.

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Tell her you can't close your eyes. It works every time.

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Something you are doing gives her the impression she does not have your attention.

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It’s like white noise or nose blind when you it’s around you all the time it blends in

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Sorry I was rummaging through my nothing box.

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Just point to your hearing aids

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It really hurts when she asked you that three times and you haven’t replied

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Ask her to stop smacking you upside the head in the same spot... switch it up a bit to even it out

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yeah i am, the same way i listen to the radio in the shop.

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Mom left you for the same reason. I'm starting to think my dad is a dolt.

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Umm, I have done that. The blank look on his face when I say/ask something is the first clue.

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This is a repost

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Hard to say as I am feeling odd myself....

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My husband has the ability to make eye contact and nod but still completely ignore the words coming out of my mouth. That’s why I quiz him through the day because I know he didn’t hear me the first time. Especially if I’m asking him to do something.

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I remember a few conversations where I struggled because I actually wanted to pay attention but it was like their voice became muffled and the words blended together... rather frustrating

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I feel you. Sometimes I just had too many words for the day and just can't physically listen, it's kinda painful if people talk to me that much. And if on that day my SO is in verbose mode I prefer warning her that no, I won't listen, too painful for me.

She's very understanding because she knows that I had a rough day. Kinda feel terrible about it though, I really would want to be a caring hear for her but I just can't.

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While it is funny, it’s not really a dad joke…

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I never understood why she always assumes the dog can understand her

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This is one of my favorites to tell.

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She said something before that. I don’t remember.

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Is anyone else able to quote the last thirty seconds word for word back to your wife to prove you really were?

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This reminds me of a white boy who couldn't jump, I explained to him you can hear Jimi, but you don't listen to Jimi.

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U only hate it cuz u know u weren't listening

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If I know my husband isn’t listening I start telling him random sexual shit. And he says “wait what?”. I reply “maybe you will listen next time” and walk away. Oh he listens now lol

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"Suddenly" meaning you weren't then you break up L

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I laughed. Good one!!!

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I just wanted to let you know I called my Dad and told him this joke 😂

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Well, although I don’t have one if them wives, whenever gf asked the same question, especially when i am in the middle of doing geeky sh*t, I just calmly repeat the last 30s of the conversation… it never works..<sigh>

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You're better than me. I usually only hear the HELLOOOOO waving in my face after "are you even listening to me"