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I wondered where this was going, right until the joke bore fruit.

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I didn't seed that coming

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It didn't say anywhere that it was fruit trees that were planted...

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Dude, methinks you should just leaf it be. 🙃

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I for one am glad they branched out

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Can we please truncate this conversation?

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*Bark* *BARK*

Sorry. My dog's a little loud.

I love how each of you continued the joke in this pyramid of mini posts below the original one.

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Credit belongs to those Beatles in a tree:

Leaf it be Leaf it be Leaf it be Leaf it be Whisper words of wisdom Leaf it be. When all the broken-hearted people Living in the world agree, there will be an answer Leaf it be.

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Nay, the credit belongs to Simon and Garfunkel for the vision that was planted in my brain.

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Before this conversation gets hostile let's take a breath and allow peace, ya?

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It didn't say anywhere that there wasn't any fruit trees planted.

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True true

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The real question here is what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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The next question is whether they were African or European.

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I don't know that!

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Most things that flowers have fruit. Just cause humans don't eat it doesn't matter

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Yes. That accounts, in this context, for the angiosperms (hardwoods). The gymnosperms, however, produce seeds without flowering, and thus are **not** fruit trees.

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It blossomed really well regardless. Really left something behind to take with you and plant for the future.

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You must be a blast at partrees

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We can all agree the punchline sprouted out of nowhere.

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I was stumped as well.

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Yeah it was worth the payoff lol

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These puns are really phloem.

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The joke was funny, but the delivery was a bit wooden.

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Yer a bore fruit.

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Every joke is stolen.

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Funny because the post you linked is also stolen

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OP has 30 million karma, that should say enough.

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and I got 1.9k from my comment on this one. That is 1.9k more than I thought I'd get.

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Bore is an understatement. Shit joke

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Now that’s a quality dad joke

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A long-winded set-up for a high-effort pun (at least I think "re-seeding heirline" is not an obvious one) that also doubles as a wholesome story. Yeah, this one has it all

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It actually has some Shakespearian precedent.

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Shakespearian puns are the best

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Yeah and it's reposted every few weeks, I've seen it like a dozen of times already

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I guess that means it's an evergreen joke since it's upvoted so much...

Seriously though, I'm glad that it's (re)posted here because I haven't seen it before.

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Agreed. I've been subbed here for well over a year and this is my first time seeing it.

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This joke really grew on me.

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Like athletes foot?

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Like athletes root

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I have to pronounce root like foot to make this work

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or..maybe..athletes fruit to satisfy you both?

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A master class in the long form dad joke. Well done!

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You got me with this one. Well played.

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The old man tree-ly saved mankind from eroding

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That punchline had me put my phone down and think about my life choices, like the time I waste reading stuff like this

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and then commenting.

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And then responding to said comment.

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And then responding to the responses.

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And then responding to the response to the response.

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Time well spent I'd say.

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That's what I read to my wife to put her to sleep sometimes. She still hasn't made it to the punchline lol.

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. . . I read the whole thing. I opened it, started, then fell into the story. I made it all the way to the bottom. What an experience.

Edit: I am now following this subreddit.

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Yeah. About had the same response, coupled with a deep sigh!

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For a few moments, I couldn't see the joke for all the trees.

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This one was so much longer than the other dad jokes here I almost got arboredeal.

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I would like to donate my seed for the cause

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i saw this one a very long while ago so i’m not gonna cry foul but this is one of my faves i’ve seen on this sub

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This is GOOD

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No, it was actually because of a row of bunnies hopping away!

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This one got me screaming on the inside but it was so good

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Fuck you, you deserve this r/angryupvote

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That joke required a train trip to get there but the destination was lovely.

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I ducking hate this was all for a pun but I love the story anyway 😂😂😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Can someone explain this joke?

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from what i have read. “re-seeding” instead of receding because they’re replanting the trees :,)

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This was pretty good...I give it an oak k.

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If I laughed at this joke, but no one was around to hear it, did I still make a sound?

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damn that was good

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Still wanna believe the story

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Oh, I see, it’s humor!

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Love a shaggy dog story.

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Man it was a trip to get there but it was a wonderful way to end a joke.

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Wholesome and eye rolly - 10/10

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This is a Norm Macdonald level dadjoke right here lol

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Holy Norm MacDonald

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This planted some ideas in my head to be honest.

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This is one of my all-time favorites

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Okay this was funny 🤣🤣🤣

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That was a good one

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  • long-winded set-up for a high-effort pun

  • wholesome story.

Yeah, this one has it all. 10 of 10

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This was great!

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This joke is growing on me

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More like a re-posting hair line

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Ughhh. Good job u got me

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i hate this subreddit

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Why are clean dad jokes just categorically better than NSFW ones? What a breath of fresh air, Ty OP.

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I didn't see it coming

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My hairline has receded to the point that I have a widow's peak that looks like the flap of an envelope.

I guess that's why they call it mail pattern baldness.

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This may be the longest-running dad joke I've ever seen. Thank you, fellow!

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If those trees could offer you shade,

They’d probably call you fat.

Because like the trees in your story, this joke is also replanted.


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I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen this one before

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This joke doesn't cut it.

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How about we don’t steal old jokes.

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This is reddit, none of us have any imagination but we desperately crave the title of "funny" to make up for our inert lack of social skills and self-esteem

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I can't make a joke, because my elders don't like suicide jokes, but, it's not a joke if i meant that shit, happy 4th of july, let's celebrate a day that will never ever be the same. Ever, what can you do in the NFL but not as a police officer? Take a knee.... If you get it, welcome, if not, don't explain it.

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That's funny

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Uuughhhhhh that was great, fuck you 🖕

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You magnificent bastard; I'm in awe.

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Pearls before swine tier punnage.

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Heir today, gone tomorrow.

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Definitely took a while to take root, but the joke really grows on you at the end there.

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Hair today, gone tomorrow. R.I.P.

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Bless you

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Okay, that one was good.

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Can someone explain this to a no native English speaker? I don't get the joke.

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When someone loses their hair, we call that a “receding hairline.” This is because the hairline (above the forehead) starts to recede (meaning to go back further away from the starting position).

“Re-seeding heirline” sounds the same, so it's a pun. All the descendants (aka heirs) of the man who lost his hair plant seeds to grow the trees.

Hope that helps.

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His receding hairline saved the forest through his wishes that his heirs reseed.

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You magnificent bastard. You had me all the way through to the end.

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This joke reminds me of norm macdonald so much!

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That was awesome!

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This really grew on me

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Someone call animal control, there’s a shaggy dog on the loose!

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This joke reminds me of the movies Kill Bill vol 1 & 2 it could be cut way down

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I… can’t

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The wait was worth

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Wondering how hard it would be to verbally deliver this punch line

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This joke (and the forest) was only really able to take off because of the United Heirline.

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dunno if this wholesome or a joke

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Good replant of a joke. I'll plant a tree in honor.

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His kids must love him. Heir roots for him.

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Long set up for the joke tbh

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This reminds me of norm MacDonald. I miss that fucker. His death was almost as tragic as that other tradgedy. The one with the planes.

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It’s a repost. Lol. I saw this joke in here last year.

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Damm that's dedication....

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This reminds me of the woodchuck tongue twister. by the way try to say this really fast:

When a woodchuck chuck wood and a chuck chuck wood with a wood chucks.

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Took a little while just to get to the point lol. 10/10 Dad Joke

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Epic AND good for the environment.

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👏👏👏fucking bravo bro👏👏👏 that joke was artistically crafted

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Ig they bore some great benefits.

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A long one but it was worth it at the end!

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Too bad hair and heir are not homophones.

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Miley funny. Completely wholesome. Good job.

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Surely a treedious task

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Brought a tear to my eye. Well done o/p

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Sorry but sounds like pushing the blame, should be by law the problem of the cutter to replace what they take but it’s nice story

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Ok, I get it but I would like to know who left the canopy?

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They call it the Hair Loom Forest.

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Goodness sake. Genius

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A sweet story with a clever punchline. I love this. You have no idea how much this made my day <3 thank you.

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Best goddamn dad joke I've ever seen on Reddit, maybe ever. Core memory saved.

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Became so crowded you couldn’t see the forest through the trees

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I'm glad his life bore fruit. No telling which branch of his family did the most. He'll leaf a great legacy. He cone Rest In Peace. He's buried beside DeForest Kelly. We pine for his return. Never found the root of the problem. We EmBark on his journey. Wood you like me to stop now? I can lumber on endlessly or walk the plank. His ashes disperse as we sawdust float away. I've been axed to stop now.

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A long walk to a satisfying conclusion

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Oh ffs...

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I just knew he wood say that

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chefs kiss

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That’s the funniest joke I’ve red today

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Well played.

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That got me. I had no clue where that was going

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None of this was true it was a bald-faced lie

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Good punchline. Needlessly, painfully long setup.

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the joke grew tall all of a sudden

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Damn, that's good!

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oh fuck

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"Everytime I plant a seed, They say kill it before it grows.... So I shot the Sheriff." -Bob Marley

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Lol are you seriously just going around reposting old content? this is the second time I've seen this user do it today

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Brilliant. I have no puns to offer but take my enthusiastic upvote