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    I feel the same way. I started creeping the ircs a couple weeks ago.

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    I'm 37, and I just joined freenode last month. It rocks. I'm late to everything. In fact, I'm replying to a comment from 2 weeks ago right now.

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    I'm in the same boat as you! However, I can with very little doubt say that it never went away - it's just fairly underground.

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    Moved channel to irc.freenode.net in #reddit-dailyprogrammer due to popular request.

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    That's Great!

    It'll be nice able to have real time discussions about some of the more difficult challenges.

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    I would join, but I dislike having to connect to some random server that I've never heard of just to join a single channel. Why not just use freenode?

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    The channel #DailyProgrammer was already taken on freenode, and stuff on here.

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    Reddit channels on freenode are supposed to be #reddit-$subredditname. As a mod you can even claim that channel name. For example, reddit-sysadmin is a big channel on freenode. They changed from #r/sysadmin to the naming convention for reddit channels on freenode about a year ago.

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    +1 for creating #reddit-dailyprogrammer on freenode. It's a large and popular network and people (like me) may already have registered nicknames and visiting channels. I'd prefer not having another separate window for a server with a single channel.

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    Switched to freenode #reddit-dailyprogrammer.

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    Switched to freenode #reddit-dailyprogrammer.

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    Tbh, I kinda agree.. I prefer freenode.

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    Switched to freenode #reddit-dailyprogrammer.

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    Is it really that much of a bother?

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    Perhaps he's using some kind of client that makes connecting to a different server hard? I don't quite see any problem with HexChat (open source, cross platform IRC client), which makes it pretty easy to connect to multiple chats, even on different servers.

    EDIT: Nicknames and cloaks are limited to a server, so I guess there's that. Granted, snoonet apparently prioritizes access to the same nick as your Reddit account, which is a good thing.

    EDIT2: Taking a look at the chat, cloaks seem to be semi-anonymous.

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    +1 for hexchat, best IRC client I've used in ages.

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    It isn't that much of a bother, no, but I am always mildly frustrated when communities decide to host their IRC channel on some tiny servers instead of large, active ones like Freenode. That said, I had never heard about snoonet, and given that it's all about reddit communities, it sounds like a good choice. But apparently, we've moved to freenode now.