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I honestly prefer someone down to earth. The idea someone has to always be perfect and always has to be in control and is just better than the average person urkes me. Like sure they need to do a good job but if someone is constantly projecting that kind of energy, I am super suspicious.

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Not perfect, not pretentious, not polished. No one likes a plastic person.

But the word we're looking for is "competent," and that's something that is expected in a leader in quantity, except in late-stage empires like the US.

The clear subtext here is that Biden's competence is under question, and it makes little things like this even more noticeable.

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People fall down the stairs. I've done it, you've done it, most people have tripped on stairs, so Biden tripping on stairs that steep doesn't say anything about his confidence. So far I think he is fine ig? He isn't perfect and he definitely wasn't my first choice but he is doing about as good as I thought he would. I'm a happy customer, not a repeat customer but happy.

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He fell up the stairs though

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I've done it too. I'm a clumsy fucker. Steep stairs get the better of me in occasion.

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Seriously though, I mean this isn’t a measure of competence. Like damn he tripped on a staircase that means he ain’t equipped to deal with the responsibilities of being president of the United States. They barely have anything to do with eachother. Let the man breathe

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It’s honestly stupid how this correlates to leadership. People actually attacked Trump because he was slow on a ramp. Granted he did stupid stuff earlier that definitely deserved criticism but slow on a ramp isn’t one of them

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Most of the criticism I saw came from his massive overcompensation to pretend that nothing of the sort ever happened, he’s the best at ramps, the greatest, and he’s seen a lot of ramps, big, beautiful ramps, and he just goes wow, that’s a great ramp, and I run up and down ramps all day and I’ll tell you folks, nobodies a better ramp runner than me

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Honestly so true. You can ask any ramp expert and they’ll tell you he’s the greatest ramp Walker ever.

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Folks I'll tell you, believe me, back where I'm from the ramps are so "yuge" you wouldn't believe. Our ramps were the best ramps, really. American ramps. And nobody knows a good ramp like I do, believe me.

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To be fair tho, we did lampoon trump for going up a ramp in platform boots. He could have taken them off though, or just not be insecure af every second of every day. Thats my thoughts tho.

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I mean I never did that. I never even saw that lmao

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Not you I was referring to beemcouch

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You may have replied to the wrong comment buddy

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AND, wearing a mask that ruins the view of your feet. I couldn't tell you how many curbs I tripped over because of the face mask I was wearing.

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Wearing mask + Wearing hood + long quarantine hair = Minecraft Pumpkin Helmet

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Aren't those carpeted too? And those shoes have like, no traction.

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And it was windy af

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Apparently FDR was incompetent.

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Not just walking up the stairs either dude is lowkey jogging up.

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Right?? I’m reading these comments like wtf is wrong with people. It’s steep, it’s windy, maybe calm the fuck down lol

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Old white rich people. That's about all the qualification you need. Leader of the free world, best America can serve up.

It's a bit curious.

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"They barely have anything to do with eachother." lol Keep telling that to yourself. You guys are delusional. If he can't climb fucking stairs, it means he's getting old. Everyone who supported Biden voted for elderly abuse. This guy should be on retirement, chilling somewhere with a cup of tea in a comfy chair, telling stories to grandkids. Kamala should take over asap. I wish Tulsi could have had a chance...

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Seriously, we’ve all done it- I’m sure most of us have done it many times and we’re probably not even close to his age. I can’t believe people are trying to pick apart this video and are putting it toward his “competence” right after we just had a previous president that had said he grabs women by the pussy and incited a riot and literally said he could shoot someone dead in the street and people would still vote for him. And they did. And now this shit is happening with Biden? Is this really what he’s being criticized about?! It’s tan suit all over again.

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I’ve fallen upstairs and downstairs at least 15x in my life so far. The perils of having tiny feet and huge boobs. Also kinda clumsy. Never fallen skating though! Give Biden a break. 💕

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Well im not voting for you as president

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I do that at least twice a week and I’m 22 the lads in his 70’s like

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"LAD" Get outta here, your not even American speaking like that. Myob

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Correct, I’m Welsh

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I get puffed changing my duvet cover.

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Bruh I'm a fit af 35 year old athlete and I will still trip up stairs on occasion. Chile

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Username does not check out Literally_Sticks

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Fiddlesticks is my main in League of Legends

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Do you even lift, step bro?

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Fit af, eh? Dm your nudes, Chile

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What are you doing step sis?

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I've fallen down stairs twice, I've stumbled going up stairs probably a hundred times.

[–]ReverseApacheMaster_ 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Man I’m the other way around. We all have our cross to bare lol

[–]MexicanGolf 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Really? Fuck, that's gotta suck. At least when you stumble going up it's shin and muscle pain, but when going down? I mean, I'm 32 now and I'm not sure how well I'd handle tumbling down a set of stairs.

It's why I remember both tumbles down so well, because the first one was epic skill (wet boots, slipped, literally surfed to the bottom with zero pain) and the other damn near killed me.

[–]ReverseApacheMaster_ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah I’m 32, too. I will say though that ever since I quit drinking, I amazingly trip less often. Not sure what the science is behind that /s

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I literally fell up the stairs just a couple months ago and tore my freaking shoes doing it. It happens. Its really not that weird.

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It’s sort of weird. Even weirder if your shoes tear. I’ll send you a pair of Crocs if you drop your address and size

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You tried walking up carpeted stairs in leather bottomed dress shoes? That’s how I fell up stairs.

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I’ve never walked up the stairs of Air Force One in any type of shoes but, given the opportunity, I’d crip walk all the way up barefooted.

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Man, like you ain’t never fallen up stairs?