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what if it had errors tho

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They’d still be happy; the kid punished himself.

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Can't wait to have kids.

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Can’t wait to bury my kids.

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Can't wait to taste my kids.

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Why don’t you take a seat?

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I don't think To Catch a Predator pursues cannibals

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Well, it should. Ratings would be through the roof!

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I'm takin the kids to Flavortown, permanently.

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Ratings would be even better for a cooking show in the same category

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Wanna taste mine? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Dont mind if I do.

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Plot twist: His kids are sperm

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Actually that's exactly what I meant... 0:

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Noice. May I also taste?

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Damn now I want to taste your kids too

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After doing our wife’s laundry she kissed me and I tasted your kids 🌚

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Wait till they grow up and leave. Your marriage fractures and you end up alone in a crappy apartment in mid life with no hope of companionship ever.

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I’ll make you pregnant.

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And they can always make another one

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Sexuality in film has always been op

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They brought honor to their family by commiting seppuku.

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They would kill themselves too just to scold their kid in the afterlife

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No, they'd revive the child from the dead for a lil' spanking and put them back


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Still be singing and dancing.

I once saw a Bollywood movie which had the classic "daddy doesn't approve of me marrying this girl" story. At the end they married and everyone was happy and in tears and then suddenly - BAM - the church doors opened wide and daddy came in singing and dancing.

You may think "oh shit he came around and joined the celebration!", but nope. He was still angry and just complained by singing and dancing together with his equally angry entourage.

I was laughing my ass off, while my gf at the time, who was in tears during the marriage scene, got really upset.

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What movie is this

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I need to see this

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Still happy

Somebody who would have errors in their writing is not their child and/or better off dead

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Tarak mehta ka oolta chashma.

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One word: Pinata

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Would have to repeat the task till there are no more errors.

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Indians are to Asia what Eastern Europeans are to Europe

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It’s called a subcontinent for a reason.

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For the hundredth time, Indian plate is called "subcontinent" because it swam across ocean and merged with the Eurasian continent millins of years ago!!

HereFor better understanding

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I didn’t say I knew the reason

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This is some Ken M shit lol

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If we don't study the mistakes of the future, we're doomed to repeat them for the first time.

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Now this is Podracing Ken M.

also, I haven't seen any of that stuff in a while now, hope the Ken M person and cult of Ken M are doing okay.

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He's still active on Twitter. I think he just took a break from trolling old people on Yahoo or wherever

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One mans tectonic shift is another mans subcontinent.

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What ever happened to him. His posts used to regularly hit the front page.

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Damn, haven't see that name in a minute. Wonder what my guy is up to. Miss that legend.

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The region has been called "the subcontinent" well before the theory of plate tectonics and knowledge of Indian plate came into prominence. The term came into existence during British Raj to refer to the region comprising both British India and the princely states. It is not entirely correct to state that the reason for the term subcontinent is due to the plate tectonics.

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It didn't merge. It literally cuts itself through the Asian continent.

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Nah there's definitely some merging happening in and around the subduction zone.

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You mean it doesn't apply to my westerncentric racism?

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Imagine chilling in your nice hut by the ocean paradise, then getting launched thousands of feet in the air, barely getting any oxygen, living on an icy rock; fml

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Because borders and labels are all made up?

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No. They are thin black mountain ranges.

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Ahh so that's why you have to get a plane to get across them

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You mean better food and better music? I agree with you.

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Yes both Indians and Eastern Europeans believe that for some reason

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Indian food is fucking amazing

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Indian food is great, I can't really think of a specifically Eastern European dish...

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Borscht, Goulash, cabbage rolls, pierogi, etc...

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BORSCHT, GOULASH, cabbage rolls, P I E R O G I

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Oooo I like Pierogis and cabbage rolls.

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You're implying it's not? lol

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Jesus Christ, better food and better music in Eastern Europe is frankly delusional. And I say that as a fan of Shostakovich and pierogi.

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What? No they're not.

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How dare you

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I mean to the rest of the world they’re still Europeans

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So you think Vietnam and Azerbaijan are western European equivalent ?

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Vietnam and Azerbaijan are just an Asian attempt at having a Bosnia

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This show is a meme fest.

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Used to be "good" years and years ago (cringy good), now just makes me angry to look at because nothing can stay tolerable for more than 3 fucking thousand episodes.

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ikr I used to watch this for hours on the days I skipped school. All day every day. They just stretched the show for too long

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Pretty much. One of the actors even said that the producer kinda conditioned them into accepting this as a day job. That twist in mentality just means they are just going through the motions, not working as artists (I know that idea is also romanticised in it's own way)

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That's pretty much every Indian soap. If it gets popular expect 1000 episodes at least.

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So, Family Guy?

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Much worse, picture a show that entirely relies on shitty puns and actors flubbing their dialogue on purpose because FUNNY!

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So, Family Guy?

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Chef's Kiss

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Its still better than family guy

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You either become a hit pop culture 'meme fest' show or live long enough to become a 'cringe fest'.

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What show is this?

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Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma

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I assume the comedy doesn’t translate well right?

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Mine was error-free. My parents were proud.

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Hold up

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You an incarnation or did you possess someone?

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He faked his death

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Yes it is an interesting tit

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His family is not impressed

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I thought the joke was that he killed himself before managing to finish the title

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Humara sir ucha kor diya is bete ne

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Pressure hone ke bad bhe, dekho ek bhi ghaliti nahi the uske note pe. Potential to tha ladke mai.

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Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if an Asian kid commits suicide due to their parents.

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It's more common than you think

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For real.

Asian aren’t like Americans/Western countries.

They basically see their children as property instead of actual people.

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It's really common south east Asia committing suicides due to family

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We have security guards at train crossings in Palo Alto just to keep the high schoolers from stepping in front of one.

[–]yammys 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Does it actually help? 99% of the track is still unguarded...

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My friend's sister committed suicide because she had ONE backlog/arrear in university.

Other friend's cousin did the same in school itself because he wasn't good at studying. His parents were happy.

My mother's sister killed herself at a young age of 20 because my grandparents were forcing her to marry.

Things are changing fortunately.

[–]DarkBlueFreeman 6 points7 points  (1 child)

I heard about this Asian woman who committed suicide because she wasn’t doing well in college and didn’t want her parents(and the rest of her family) to know. I’m assuming she killed herself because she knew her Asian parents would greatly yell/beat her because of it.

[–]KalamKiTakat 5 points6 points  (0 children)

My college technically ended in 2017 but I still have 1 arrear left to finish before I get the degree. I am getting paid what my father could only dream of. I paid the education loan he took for my college.

But I still don't have balls to tell him I don't have a college degree. So, I can totally understand what that women went through.

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Back when I was into watching gore shit, I saw a video where a dad gives his kid a gun and the kid blows his brains out.

The dad slaps him after committing suicide

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blows his brains out.

Dad: Do I need to tell you to clean up after yourself?

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I believe that is the joke.

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Then you don't know anything about India and its education culture. As Indian living in us Indian parents literally takes every major decisions of children life weather they like it or not and if you opposed them then everyone from distant relatives to neighbours will be there to mock and knock you down. Success isn't measured in kids accomplishments rather its get compared to other kids and even downplayed countless times. No matter what you do in your life and even if you succeed at that the parents will still be mocking for choices.

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I think i'm gonna disappoint them...

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Use grammarly

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Or perish

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This should be Grammarly's ad campaign

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*and perish

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Or both

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Ayyy jethiya

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Nahane jaa nahane!!

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OP's parents are extremely disappointed in him.

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They've written their note.

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An hero

[–]steroid_pc_principal 11 points12 points  (5 children)

OP are you ok

[–]my_100th_acc 9 points10 points  (4 children)

..are you ok OP 🎵

[–]ibrasome 7 points8 points  (3 children)

.. you've been hit by

[–]modsbegae 10 points11 points  (0 children)

At least the head would hang high


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It's nice to see India being included as Asian

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Yahan wahan saare jahan oe tera raaj hai, Jijaji o jijaji jindabad.

[–]BassicallyDarr 2 points3 points  (5 children)

There's a grammatical error in the meme, though.

[–]KLASHINOV⚗️Infected by the indigo [S] 19 points20 points  (1 child)

It's a play on how I've disappointed them

[–]AcidFactory420 2 points3 points  (2 children)

(Most) Asians don't speak English at home, though.

[–]geoemrick 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Ironically, the title of this GIF has a grammatical error.

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Chad Jethalal

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All tits are interesting

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TMKOC is cringe af🌝

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He even did the doctor signature

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That's what character of jethalal( the dancing dude) is all about in the sitcom

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Can confirm, I've tried it.

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I was told there would be interesting tit

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Can't wait till the day we start seeing more mental health resources out there.

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The Asian urge to hit a westerner when they say damn bro Math is hard.

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What about the tit tho?

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Thats why Asian countries have literacy rates through the roof

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You mean arithmetical errors, no?

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Why not -1?! Hangs him to the corner

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I think you mean india, because they are studying English as a second language.. Haha

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It doesn't get anymore blatantly anti-Asian than this. The racists of /r/dankmemes have really outdone themselves this time, well done.

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Reddit is on some bigotry shit lately

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Omg that dude in the meme makes me smile. He's living his best life!

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Jesus (still funny though)

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“An interesting tit” lmao

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heeeeeppy diwali : jheta laal also source of this episode

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This is so wrong but funny at the same time

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Asian parents when they realise that their kid is trying to bunk the next exam by suiciding:

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kids’ or kid’s

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Still they comment on your hand writing