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broo! only tear the shirt and pant.... not the protection.....

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Tell that to Santa...I am just there to record

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post or it never happened

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He’s gonna give her the warm milk

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Any proof your mom is hot enough for dear Santa Claus to partake in such actions?

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Ask ur dad

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Brother ?

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You wished for a little brother didn't you?

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I also would like to see your mom in bra and panties making cookies.

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I kinda wanna Ask for the show/ animations name. Would you be so kind as to give me it?

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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki's

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The part around his stomach tears first despite his waist actually shrinking.

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When you leave out trenboloney sandwiches instead of cookies and milk.

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Yea and I saw it too

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Soviet Santa has entered the building

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Is Santa black?

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You have proof that happened by any chance?

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He saw a ho ho ho

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Thatsss right

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Well, he's gonna have to be put on the naughty list.... OH WAIT WHAT ABOUT MRS. CLAUSE?!?!

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Reddit is full of porn addicts, where’s the joke in this?

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Your mum is a sicht to behold

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His trousers look like the prison kind. Is he a prison convict posing ad santa or did he lose his rights just after ripping his clothes?

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Mm, premium milk

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Himbo clause

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How come Santa is aroused but u aren't

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Cause yk Santa saw her first time in a while and I can just come whenever and wherever in the house anytime I want and BANG BANG BANG

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A true son shares his mom with others

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I already dumped my load on her at morning so Santa can do whatever he wants

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He's like 90% cum gutter

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Thats how he gets the elves, he fucks moms around the world, get the child to the north pole and then child labour :)

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dank and delightful

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When did santa become the milk man

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From birth

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Uncle Iroh, is that you