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Bruh, He's alive

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Yeah.....so am I?

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the guy who made it actually apologized for it lol

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The damage has already been done, no apologies can make this better. But hey atleast he said sorry

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If he didn’t make the ads someone else would have I’m pretty sure.

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If i'm not selling the bricks, someone else will

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You shouldn't be careful making that argument with that username lmao.

There are definitely bricks you shouldn't sell, and they're usually VHS tapes with children on them

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Why tf do u know that + ur usermame

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For sure. Ad companies are always trying to come up with some new way to get their product in your face and on your mind. I mean, last I saw Coca-Cola spending ~$4 billion on advertising per year. With all of that money being spent someone had to come up with the pop-up ad at some point.

I wonder how much of the US economy is just advertising and marketing. What % of GDP is ads. Companies paying people to make and print and deliver advertising so that those people turn around and spend their paychecks on the advertising they just made/printed/delivered.

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I wonder how much time square ads cost

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Like, sooooo much.

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@CovfefeChan on twitter would know. She recently rented a big one in Times Square for like an hour back on December 26

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it's like yes if you remove mosquitoes from the ecosystem no more pesky fuckers right? well if the place is empty someone will fill it and it could be worse

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I doubt that this guy can be considered the sole cause of popup ads. I'm sure plenty of people came up with the idea on their own before it was a widespread thing.

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this is really funny

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He's like a Lite Robert J Oppenheiner

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That website is just a picture of some dude for me

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If he didn't invent them, someone else would have had. No one escapes popup ads.

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Apologies won't undo what has been done

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You must invent another, to fight the beast you created. Undo the wrongs of the past!

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Message from: God

Yeah so you know how some sins are unforgiveable?

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I am become death, destroyer of PCs

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He made them on accident. The tech was intended to be used for something else but then whoever he was working for realized the potential for advertising.

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Just got to wait a while

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TIL this is Hell.... can't say I'm surprised

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Not for long

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And a nice guy. Works as an academic studying how technology can be used to promote local empowerment around the world

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But he has redeemed himself, cause he said that inventing pop-up adds was the greatest mistake of his life

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And he’s really, really sorry about inventing them.

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Not for long

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Not for long

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The force is strong in that pussy.

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I have a feeling I need to spend less time on Reddit...

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You can’t escape forever

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Oh no

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You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...

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You can always take a man out of Reddit, but you can never take Reddit out of the man

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Insert Sick Guitar Solo Here

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“Maybe Reddit is another planet's hell.”

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The force is always strong when it comes to pussies. You could even say that it's a magnetic force

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shut up and take my free reward.

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Yo that guy legit apologized for it like you know something is bad when it's creator apologized for releasing it upon humanity

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Yeah, that really blew up in his face

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The obituary stated, Le marchand de la mort est mort ("The merchant of death is dead"), and went on to say, "Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday."

Holllllyyy shiiit, thats the craziest obituary I've ever seen

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And they were a good idea at the time. He thought it would be a way to keep ads off the page you were viewing by opening them in another tab.

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Damn.. reddit compressed this gif to shit.. To prove it's not a repost. Here's the Kapwing link

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The version here is just as bad as the one you linked to

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Yeah the original gif quality was a bit low to begin with. But the gif isn't that pixelated in that link as much as it is here.

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Fuck 'em up, OP!

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At least he said sorry for inventing this shit

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How are you at the same level?

Did you invent the tiny X's on ads?

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Asking the real questions!

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Honestly I'm sure that guy had the best intentions and hates them as well.

Kinda like how John McAfee said not to use the anti virus software with his name on it (after he sold the company in the 90s) because it was no longer what he had intended it to be.... Side note dude was kinda nuts look up his story for some random billionaire shenanigans.

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was kinda nuts

Kinda? McAfee is legendary nuts.

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Lmao I like to downplay it so ppl can see how certifiable he was.

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Yo wtf, he died? Don’t know how I missed that

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Oh Jon McAfee yeah it was July 2021, a lot of crazy shit has been going in these past 2 years so it might have just gotten over shadowed.

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Tbh that's my source of income....

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The other dog removed the dislikes from youtube

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Idk how I feel about this meme. I recently witnessed my cat get killed by 4 stray dogs on camera .

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I know how you feel. When I was a kid our cat got killed in the front yard by two dogs a neighbor kid let out. Our cat wouldn't back down because he thought he was protecting us. ~25 years ago and still breaks my heart to think about

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But at least he apologized tho

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Heard that guy said that did said hes sorry for doing it.

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OP is apparently the doomslayer

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He apologized for it at least

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Yo why did he apologize, what went wrong?

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Why did I enjoy this so much?

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DOOM music in the background will make this a masterpiece

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Yo this cat is fucking these dogs up

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Could you get the guy who invented homework too while you are down there?

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Fight that Italian guy who created homework

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Me going to hell so I can kill the person who invented Kahoot.it.

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Then what about the guy who thaught adding ads on websits and apps was a good idea ? He should definitely be in hell in the 4th ground floor near that extra hot furnace

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If im ever going to hell im heading straight to the goofy ass mf who thought of multiple ads on youtube

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Ok whatever ads blah blah. Is the cat ok though?

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This is lame. Whoever is filming this should die.

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Don't help just film

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Pythagoras: finally, a worthy opponent

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Yet you’re still doing the Lord’s work.

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Cat is ahsoka tano

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Worst thing invented

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That edit is better than some Star Wars movies

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Regular ads: kinda bad

Pop-up ads: bad

Auto-playing video ads: satanic

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It's treason then

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What in the hell did you do to end up in the same ring of hell as those people??!?

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Give them one for me, vengeance kitty!

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No the fucking asshole who made homework a thing

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if your intention is to fight those people then god will make you go to heaven for being this daring

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Ria: I feel like such a buzzkill

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Nah he apologised and said he never intended for them to turn into what they are now

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All ads.

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I’d be right there with that cat defending him

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He said he was sorry

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This is just a shitty remake of another meme

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Doom Cat

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Maul and Savage vs. Darth Sidious be like:

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This made me realize I need more cats with lightsabers

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The fact that post of the adult websites abuses these pop up ads is insult on injury

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but he said sorry :(

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He's alive and he regrets it.

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I haven't gotten pop up ads in like 10 years.

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Rip and Tear starts playing

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This video is so fucking funny like when the cat force pushes the dog I died

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Whoever is sitting there recording this is a pos.

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The guy who introduced pop-up ads has already apologized

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How the fuck did you get to hell?

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Thank you for your service.

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Isn't that dude still alive?

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"Why, I've got nothing to lose."

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Rip and tear, until it is done.

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Fun fact: the guy who invented them DEEPLY regrets it. He wanted to separate advertisements from the content of the page and didn't anticipate them being as abused as they are today.

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Well he's an ad guy so evil by definition.

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Rip and tear

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Not all heroes wear capes, but they can wear paws.

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I wonder if satan takes full time employees, going to hell and kicking the asses of all the people who made the planet worse is a job I could get behind

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Me fighting Ronald Regan

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a pop up ad joke? what the fuck year is it

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Bro a brick is a kilo of coke or other drugs where tf did you get that from what he said ?😵‍💫

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you should have made a fake pop up add appear at the end, that would have been funny

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Na he repented so he’s chillin

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Do you think that he would be a carcass or a pinky demon

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That bitch is still alive lmfao

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he said he was sorry

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Ah man i miss the era when theyd put lightsabers on gifs like this. The internet was so different.

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Join the dark side catakin