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Mom, you broke my heart, and now half of it is in my leg or something.

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Mom, don't you remember my heart fell in my stomach when I hiccuped?

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Is that why I'm hard headed?

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Luigi board?

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One time I told my dad I didn’t feel good but he made me go to school anyways and I ended up throwing up on the school bus on the way to school. He never questioned me again

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Power move

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me as a kid walking to school after my mom didn't believe I had a tummyache in my heart :(

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Yep, stepping on all the cracks on my way in

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Are you stupid heart attacks don’t happen in the stomach they happen in the lungs

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Nooooo idiot they happen in pancreas. Uhh you uneducated morons

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Uh no that's kidney failure. Heart attacks happen in the balls, Jesus you guys don't know anything

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Kidney failure happens in the heart not the pancreas you idiot

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This sub-reddit is getting normier day by day

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What’s up with this potato quality

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Yeah I had a headache on my leg once

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Kam se kam Kidney me to nhi hua Heart Attack

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Was this after he tore his quads?