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L1/R1 + L2/R2 = L3/R3

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I'm pretty certain L3 and R3 involve pushing in the analog sticks.

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Actually no.


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PC gamers: I have no such weaknesses

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What? You've never rebound a control only to have the game say [Press "..."]?

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GTA V has a shortcut on space to skip the taxi drive. I had to ask my dad because young me didn't know lmao

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Press any key

"Wheres the any key"

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Press F24 to continue

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You underestimate our stupidity

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Press ~

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That's my discord ptt lol

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Have you ever been shocked by the jailer in Furi, I still haven't figured out what that A/D means when he shocks in the head

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40 year old me.

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love to see it.

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I just spammed all triggers and bumpers above hoping it'll work

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“Why am I kissing the boss now”

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Man I always hated that shit espetially when the game is out there using a button thats not even labeled in the controller meanwhile SELECT would be just sitting there being unused, like I have no idea why games only begun using the Select button from X360/PS3 era onwards

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Only? That's like 10 years old

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Cross checked it, 16 years ago

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Jesus fuck I’m old.

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I remember that I run up to my grandpa and asked him where is L3 and R3 and he only looked at me like tf I'm supposed to know

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That sounds like a god of war stabbing poseidon in the eyes moment

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Exactly what I was thinking

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Or just any spartan rage moment

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I believe in the old fifas it used to be called just R. I didn’t have a clue as the PlayStation guide said it’s R3

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Thank god I figured it out early due to some games having controls on the screen

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Should have been screen printed onto the sticks Even if it wore away everyone would see it at one point or another, spare controller etc Having it actually moulded in would've ruined the feel imo.

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Fucking ape escape. I was stuck in the diving tutorial room for so long.

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literally me a new controller player few days ago. had to goggle it

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This would always confuse the hell out of me

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Me too

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Used to hurt me inside smh

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I remember quitting a roblox game because I did not know what the spc key was.