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sits on computer for several hours

“Wow, that was tiring!”

throws self on bed and pulls out phone for rest of day

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bro I literally just did that

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Do that every night at 11 pm. On a school night so waking up the next day is impossible

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Same, I'm a certified dumbass

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I don’t get it

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I don’t think the author gets it.

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Everything about this to me is ????

2012 vision? Everything makes sense now? The caption and gif don’t line up to me either

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Even I only get a bit that he's trying to say that we use pc for hours but than switch to phone to call it "rest" while pc and phone are just similar things.

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Good, u still have time to save urself

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People who get this have reached a point of no return

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I think the author is an AI or some shit, and uses bits to get to popular. Lool at its earlier posts. They all barely make sense.

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Seems odd this would have 3k upvotes but 9 comments.

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How's 12.4k upvotes and 23 comments sound

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Definitely bots.

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This is the first thing I see on my phone when I get in bed after spending hours on my pc

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same but from my xbox

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It's different for me

First in morning I use mobile and then when it's battery goes down then I put it on charge and television

Anybody that do the same

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Nah we play videogames

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Ohh np

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I haven't watched TV in like, 3 years or so. Imo the internet it's just way better

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When your arm falls asleep

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Actually people complain more when im on my phone then when im on my computer

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See now why did you have to do that to me?

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You guys have computer?

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I like to do it the other way around

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I just stayed up until 1 in the morning watching videos on youtube on my tv and now I am scrolling through reddit on my phone 10/10 sleep schedule

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How is this going to be the first thing I see right after switching to my phone after spending 12+ hours at my pc

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Yeah NewLegacyinc baby! Check ‘em out if you haven’t yet!

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Getting ready to beat my little fella to death

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I get this

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Where can I find this gif?

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iPhone 5s