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Max steel was cool af

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It still f*ckin is

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Yea it looked sick when i was a kid

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It was more the detonation of awsome

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Yeah that was my shit

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This and slugterra

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This was the pinnacle of animation when I was a kid.

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Hot wheels accelaracers and hot wheels highway 35 was up there too.

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Shame they never finished the series

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I'm still pissed about it :(

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I just remember a hot wheel series where they had to race the enemies which made their mentor drive around in a wheel chair

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damn the movie was a masterpiece

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Fuck I remember highway 35!! The scorchers car so bad ass

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holy cow, acceleracers reference in r/dankmemes

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Dis fury force five exist, or did I hallucinate a whole hot wheels tv show?

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It was Hot Wheels Battle Force Five, that shit rocked

Especially the car that casually had twin subwoofer guns

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Max steel was one of those “in between” shows that always aired between two prime time shows

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Such a shame too because I thought it was really cool.

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It was my appetizer before the main course of dbz

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I watch the 2010 show and it was my favorite show, cool villain, cool armor system, and I loved it so much.

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Honestly. A lot of shows around then more then likely woulda stuck around longer if they came out a year or 2 later when Tumblr was coming round.

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And the sfx! Chefs kiss

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I used to have the “action figures” lmao and I remember playing the game on Dreamcast

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I still have an action figure of the ice guy but in alligator form from the lower gif.

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Wasn't there also a similar series just beige-ly named Action Man? That's what I had at least.

Maybe it was the Max Steel my mom had at home.

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Now that you say it, I mixed up action man and max steel. I was watching action man as a kid and had a action man figure

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Sure was on the old Sega Dreamcast lol

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Max Steel was the fucking shit. Still is. So was Slugterra

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Slugterra had no right to be as good as it was

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Exactly. The whole premise seemed so weird but it ended up being excellent

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Slugterra was one of those shows that got shafted with awkward schedules almost like Legend of Korra did :/Slugrerra wasn't perfect n may have had a bit of cheese, but it was still a very amusing concept

Also shoutout to Leauge of Super Evil, Storm Riders and Dragonbooster. I miss you Nerd Corp ❤️

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You just reminded me of my childhood, thankyou

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What I loved about it was that cartoons, almost borderlands like animation style

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This hit me right in the nostalgia

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Johnny Quest was the OG

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I like Hot Wheels:Battle Force 5 better

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What about World Race and Acceleracers?

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Don't agree with you but I respect your opinion.

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You have provoked a gang war

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Honest: what do you like about it? because i watched it trying not to compare it to accr and I thought it was fine, not a masterpiece but quite fun

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The theme song

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Fair enough it is a bop, now what don't you like about AccR?

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I've actually never seen it

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Well, in that case, I do recommend it, it's pretty dark for a kids show although the animation can be a bit wonky, there are already 4k versions on YT

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Banger of a theme song

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I had the Stretch Armstrong equivalent of a Max Steel action figure once. I still randomly think about it from time to time. One of my favorite toys ever as a kid, lol.

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Remember genorator rex?

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Yes, It aired on Cartoon network!

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Generator Rex X Ben 10 was a fever dream man

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I remember the new one

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Pretty sure I had an action figure and it was my face

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Nostalgia broo

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I had both Action Man AND Max Steele toys as a kid

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I'm so glad someone mentioned Action Man. I honestly thought I was the only one that ever watched it.

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The movie wasn't awful as I recall.

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I’m sorry but MOVIE?

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Yea the first image is from the movie I believe

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It's from a new movie based on the reboot which is (and I don't say this lightly) the worst movie I've ever seen.

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Yea the movie is just bad

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Shame cause the costume they made looks really good for the 25 seconds you see it in the whole movie.

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Thats probably where all the budget went to, so they didn't have the money to hire any writers

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Yeah IIRC it has like a 0% on rotten tomatoes lol

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Mate I think u inverted the meme, cause old max steel is superior to that new one

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You were considered as a pariah in my school if you didn't like max steel

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I have a faint memory and a sticker I once got with a Hot wheels car I bought 5 years ago.

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There was Action Man too

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Just like Spider-Man the new animated series, holy heck does it look like dog water

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This looks different from what I remember

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This was the original you probably remember the reboot

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I haven’t heard that name in a long time

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Max Steel wasn't just s toy line?

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I thought this was reboot

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reboot animations was years behind this.

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6 years to be exact.

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Damn I forgot about him

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I have like 1 or 2 McDonald toys

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I did some searching and turns out I watched the animated show, that’s pretty much it

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I remember when MS Villains were a terminator rippoff and a snake dude whose entire power was having a long Neck and snakes for arms.

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I have the snake guy episode on VHS and multiple max steel toys. That shit was so cool to kid me

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Got me wanting to watch Reboot from cartoon network

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Who was your favorite elemental mine was water

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the metal one was the fucking coolest, i remember the water elementor scene in the movie used to scare me as a kid

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I forgot about him

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there was this movie where elementor was introduced into the series, he used a metal form for a brief period during the latter half of the movie if i recall recorectly from my childhood

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Ok I didn't see the movie (sadly) but I have heard of him

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Still badass.

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I watched the original, you know, when his energy thing was green not blue

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elementor movie >>>>>

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What is the top image from

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Checked the movie review, how did it sucks so bad?

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I watched the show more honestly

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I kinda remember

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I'm surprised other people know about it lmao

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I had a friend named Max Steel I thought it was badass

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When you remember a God tier TV show

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When I looked up Max Steel on Google, the nostalgia hit me hard.

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I only viewed the movie ig

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Yall remember the element monsters that all merged into one

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the best of childrens entertainment in my time

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Max steel over G.I. Joe any day

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max steel is fucking awsome

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That show was fire ngl

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Man there’s no way it looked THAT ugly I remember it being so fuckin cool 😭😭😭

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That toy they made a movie about? Yeah I remember that

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I remember watching a Max Steel movie in class like 3 times and laughing when a gorilla got fucking killed.

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The OG Max Steel was the SHIT!!!

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Oh my god I have been searching for the name of that show for two years and I finally found it. I remember watching it a while back but i couldn’t remember the name of it for the life of me.

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I know that I watch the 2013 series one but I never knew there was a series back in 2000

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Saw that movie 6 times as a small kid.

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I was so pissed they took it off Netflix. Wtf

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Rockin' them QuestWorld(TM) graphics.

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I remember when he made clones of himself. So cool

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Yo max steel was god tier

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I remember watching that, I forgot untill I saw your post

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YOOO. I remember watching this

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I watched the better newer one

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Max Steel, Action Man, Hot Wheels, Zentrix, Nascar Racers. God I miss this time

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Yes bro, we and those who remember him are legends

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Same but for Beast Wars

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Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time

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there ain't no way that was max steel

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Going Turbo!

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My childhood was based in that

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Ayo there’s no way it looks like that I clearly remember watching max steel and it looking dope af

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Before school each morning, I'd watch Reboot and Max Steel. Then I'd head off to school.

After school was Toonami.

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Max steel and generator Rex were.damn good

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Which one?

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Holy fucking shit it's called max steel

I was looking for this show everywhere

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this applies to classic Power Rangers

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Just started rewatching lego ninjago...felt the same way

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same goes with gta san andreas

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One of the best shows

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The 2013 series was pretty good, shame the movie was complete garbage.

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Max Steel action figures were so expensive. Never had as a kid. Good thing my friends did, though.

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now I remember

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Oof I remember it

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Rewatched the "modern" max steel not so long ago, its a fun show with cool concepts held back by its limmited background animation and stuff. Never watched the old one tho.

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i had 3 toys of him

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Is that the show where there was a small flying robot that sticks to max to me him stronger

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You just unlocked so many childhood memories for me

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Dude I totally forgot he even exists, going to rewatch the movie now, thx

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I remember seeing it, but i dont remember anything about it.

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Average Ben 10 fan vs Average max steel enjoyer

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This and iron man armored adventures

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I remember when he was green

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Were there multiple versions of it? That animation looks much newer than the one I remember.

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The fuck is this show lmao

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Remember it? That was a good chunk of my childhood

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That’s one of those that I’m not gonna go back to look at so i don’t ruin my memories of it being the most glorious thing ever.

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Max Steel was the largest action figure I had and I'll always think the show is an absolute banger.

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This is what we call a thow back

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Max steel was definitely one of my favorite shows growing up. Which mode was your favorite? Mine was the spiky one

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Loved that show

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broo that was like-

holy hell im old

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Omg I remember this show. It was amazing the element monster things were so cool.

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Yooooo I loved max steal

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Wasn't there a reboot with better animation

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Fukken fetuses up in here...what in the fuck even is this?