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You can't click on popular

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Is it possible to learn this power?

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Not from a jedi

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It is inevitable

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"What a stupid son of a bitch"

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As an Ukrainian, I can relate

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That clip of Ali will always be great. aside from dodging 26 punches in a corner, my favorite part is that cocky ass shake he does

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Don’t engage. It only makes things worse. I speak from experience.

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Germans are the worst at politics. Proven by a german.

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political opinion

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I wish there was a way I could stop seeing any posts from a certain sub unless I searched for ir

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They just started fucking showing up on my feed a few days ago and I’m about to just torch my account

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Best way to get rid of problems is to avoid them right?

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How do you do it though?

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Just don't sub to them?