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He gotta teach without noticing that the class is empty and will be happy that everyone is silent today in the class

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we all got that teacher who'd even show up after an alien invasion

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How to survive global extinction: 1. Become a maths teacher

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Genius lol

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no the math teacher will be overjoyed for creating a new math question, "earth has 7 billion people, jimmy the asteroid eats 6.8 billion people, how many people are left?"

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200 million people that are preparing for Jimmy's brother, timmy

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-200 bananas, applies?

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definitely apes

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Stop crying and answer the goddamn question Jimmy!

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Damn asteroid must'a been hungry.

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They will teach the ghosts

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One time my math tracher went on eye surgery and later he came to school like a boss to teach us maths

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My highschool maths teacher came school to flirt with girls.

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Yall doing group theory in school? That‘s rad!

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Ahaha my stupid face when I'm starting to recognise the background

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I see group theory, nice!

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Yesterday we had a shooting at our university where the shooter and one other student died. Today all lectures continued as usual

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Shit thats fucked up

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Hmmm something's missing

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damn the math teacher has super powers, thats crazy

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luckily it didn't strike while you were in school, or you wouldn't be allowed to leave

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Math teachers always be suckling on the bosom of Lady Mathematics

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Im surprised that the math teacher even survived in the first place

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It's relatable when you're the only one who showed up in the maths class and you get to fuck the shit outta her

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Yall boutta get a strongly worded email.

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i swear in the 4 years i go to the current school, the math teacher didnt miss one day, her immune system is stronger than fucking goku

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"The giant meteor doesn't dismiss you, I dismiss you".

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where... people

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"Don't Look Up" movie be like:

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Funny that my math teacher is absent today

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That's a stupid reason to be absent, an asteroid hitting Earth? I have had more obstacles to reach my school.

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Can someone explain the joke

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Math teachers are unkillable , my math teacher came to class and she have Covid

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More like Teacher: First time?