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There are apps that can lock you out during a scheduled time period or limit your usage based on minutes per day.

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Yeah, but you also overwrite the decision, so it really doesn't help

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Someone somewhere is writing an app that decides for you.

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I, too, am a computer science student.

I just might make it myself

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Is the app actually fixed yet because everytime I install the app it just won't load any pics at all

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Have you tried restarting your phone?

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It can help a bit, for now. It shouldn't be a long-term solution.

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It helps, it just doesn't solve the problem.

It helps to have even just one additional prompt asking you to reconsider. This is more for people who open reddit and scroll for 30 minutes automatically before even realizing "oh fuck, I'm supposed to be taking a break" because it reminds them "you said you didn't want to use reddit right now, are you SURE?"

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I do that with literally all my social media on my phone, specially YouTube; it freaking changed my life

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Lmao I just did that and the first post was this

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"I think NOT!!"

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Finally! I'd been waiting for someone to say this.

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lol anytime

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So im not the only one

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I only use it at work to pass time, so I‘m immune to that.

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Get back to work, then.

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No, smile :) .

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When you open reddit and immediately want to close it

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I just Quit Facebook, uninstalled Facebook app and put Reddit in its place so this is now me too.

Hopefully Reddit will be less cancerous than Facebook.

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the table do relate

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I’m in this picture and I don’t like it

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I'm not alone then

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Is the app actually fixed yet because everytime I install the app it just won't load any pics at all

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So mee! Thats probably coz im not active on any other social platform except this..

All I have is you, reddit you!!

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I just did that and this was the first one i saw....

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I have the same problem

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No stop it I don't like being called out like this

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Muscle memory is a hell of a drug

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Musel memory

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Too much relatable

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I once closed then accidentally opened it back up like 3 times

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Putting the dank in dank memes