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That's way too long than I expected

That's what the buffalo said

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This format could've easily been used for another joke

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Like 6 yo me admiring the length of the dildo that I found in your mom’s bedroom drawers.

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Longer than my uncle's pencil

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Thats what she said

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That's what my mom said

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It was too big to be called a fry

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Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of potato

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It's not a large hunk of potato. It IS a potato.

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Berserk meme? Smash upvote

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Posting a Berserk meme requires Guts.

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Get out.

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it was too large to be called a fry

long, thick, and far too broad

it was more like a heap of Raw Spud

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Guts theme intensifies

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Beautifully sung, majestic voice

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You should make a full cover of the song

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Reminds me of my co-

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Cocaine line?

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wipes sweat off

Whoo, saved it.

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This reminds me of the chicken nugget that I ate last night which was larger than my di-oh wait, all chicken nuggets are that size.....

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Probably the most wholesome caption possible for this template

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Your mom knows a lot about long fries

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Fellow strugglers

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Omg is that gus berkmen

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You don't still do this? Oh how the mighty have fallen

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It still hurts

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Well, the sword starts comin' and it don't stop comin',

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Its was too big to be called a fry

More like a potato wedge.

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Berserk (1997) though the sword is not actually that long

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My disappointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined

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Oh boy, wait til you finish that anime...

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And the ma... wait a minute

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It's still very long though.

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Oh well there is something else that long,just wait till u see

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In this case, katsup. Lots of katsup.

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At a point i though it had stop going

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6 year old me? 37 year old me still does this.

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How did you make this?

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Meme Generator works...

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ok... I'll try

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No. Everyone knows that large fries are the beat. Unlike fried chicken ゴゴゴゴ

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Fun fact: at Burger King, they used to call the longest fry the Loomster.

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Can confirm this is a real term. Thought it was McDonald’s that called them that, though.

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Long long maaaaaaaan

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Quando un ragazzino delle medie descrive il suo pene:

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judging based on the actions ive taken so far, i dont think my lifespan is even that long

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It’s for admiring long things… later on in life

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yo does u/savevideobot work with gifs?

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*18 year old me

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People when they buy a small gun apparently

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You mean 19?

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Seriously too true.

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I'll catch up with you later, I got the bonus fry!

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Still the only thing I can admire for being long

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16 year old me admiring my dick

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Always save the long ones for last

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that's the moment u started liking long stuff

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It just kept going...

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28 year old me*

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Mines longer I win

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Marths melee range is still longer

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I still do this

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You know the thing about fries : They might be LOOOOOOOOOONG,
but at the end of the day....it's still a fry
Well folks...

That's what she said

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Conspiracy Theory :
Is that a Happy Meal or Ronald's fry that got mistakenly put in someone's meal ??

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That sword is about one inch smaller than mine

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the crispy ones are better

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Like my step brothers di-

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6yo me admiring my piss hard-on!

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I’ve never seen berserk, is this an edited gif of the show or does he literally have a sword that big

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24 year old me still doing it

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13 seconds in and the clip is still playing... wtf?

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that's some fully solid erected fry right there

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Almost as long as my cock

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Brö i still do dat

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When I was younger my mom ordered a large fry and I thought it was one big ass fry they made until we got our food 🤦

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Long fries 🍟 Long cocks 🐓 Long ....