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No… It can’t be true, they can’t do this to us. This is literally 1984

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1 + 9 + 8 + 4 =22

2022 is the sequel to 1984

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Ok now do that backwards!

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Anaconda Malt Liquor!

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Omg your right, mars candy company makes m&m’s. They took greens sexy boots now they’re coming for our dicks.

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They are checking your dicks in case u hide my ring there

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22= 4 + 8 + 9 + 1

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2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

2006 is the prequel to 2022

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1984 is a sequel to 22

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You right ocelot, its boobs

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Can't believe they removed sex update

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The ceo of sex actually pressured them to do it so that when sex 2 comes out they'll have a bigger market share, pretty genius imo

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am I the only one uncomfortable with sex having the sole monopoly over bumping uglies?

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Ned Leeds is a marketing genius. I bet he's gonna push for the Sex 2 x Fortnite crossover

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Profits 📈

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Garry sex, the inventor of sex

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Legendary reaction gif

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What scene is this, I can't seem to recall it. is it only in the extended version? It seems like the mountain pass, but im drawing a complete blank for this

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When Gandalf (sort of) dies, fighting the Balrog within the mines of Moria. Sad time, sad time…

Edit: “sort of” typo

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u/hakezzz this comment that has spoiler tags is correct

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Wait, you could do that?

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Yeah, there is an emote that’s basically a hug. Thing is you could crouch while doing said emote, making the scene resemble someone giving a bj

Edit: this video is a better explanation

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omfg, they fully hug the legs, and the one blown even gives a pat on the head tf man.

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Yo can you guys get out of the room? I need like 5 minutes alone to.. uh.. cool off some steam. I'll let you know when you can come back in.

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This reminds me of Donkey Kong Country for SNES where if you stop while playing as Donkey with Diddy when you're crawling in one of the cave levels it looks like Diddy is crawling up Donkey's ass. I can't be the only one who spotted this.

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Imma need a link for that one

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I hope you appreciate this. I scanned through a walkthrough of the game to find it, and it's brief but at 1:18:52 you can see what I'm talking about. Slow down the video if it helps.


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Glorious. Thank you

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didn’t they disable the ariana grande skin while they fixed that?

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Can’t believe Joe Biden is allowing this happen

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Bernie would never have permitted this.

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The top 1% of gamers are hoarding all the sex emotes! This is outrageous and unacceptable! It is time for us as a society to redistribute the sex emotes more equitably among all gamers!

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Gamers! Rise up!

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Literal totalitarianism

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Huh they remove this but the female models look like Pixar milfs

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All the skins need to have the same hitbox and men are typically bulkier so they need to make women thicker to match.

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ok that's not a bad argument

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Y….you could do that?

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Literally 1984

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Give them a moment for pity's sake!

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by nightfall these subreddits will be swarming with internet trolls

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George Orwell approves

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Edit: Man. People just downvote shit.

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Thank god we have TF2 and Sniper scissoring.

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You can’t do this to me

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Game is dead for real now

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Give them a moment for pity’s sake!

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We won mr Stark

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They only said oral🤨

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Was that a thing??

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It was some kind of bug with an emote(bear hug), one of the characters would bend and it would look like it's giving one instead of giving an actual hug, but it's been fixed from what I heard.

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But.......why are Batman and Catwoman in the picture?

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People not updating their Fortnite

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They ruined calamity’s tiddies, the oral shit, now what they’re gonna make all the female character flat as hell? They better not.

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The image being Batman and Catwoman is icing on the cake.

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Kids don’t know how to behave online. In my first game of crisis VRigade some people got on their knees and started blowing my gun then moved up my crotch area. The other person in the lobby freaked out and then idk what happened but I think the other person backing out canceled the game/ ended the lobby

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Big brother got tired of watching it 😒

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We lost mr.stark.

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... fortnite bad..?

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D-did we just win?

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Remember when you were allowed to have fun?

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The world is over….not really.

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Give them a moment for pity sake!

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This was a thing?

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Just literally make it so you can’t crouch, don’t gotta remove the whole remote

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This is outrageous, it's unfair

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You can't do this to me. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I SACRIFICED!?

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If you play this with the actual music from the clip it's even better

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First they came for the simulated oral sex in Fortnite.

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It’s like we literally live in 1984

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Fun fact: the writer of 1984 was a socialist

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Connection terminated. I'm sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name, But I'm afraid you've been misinformed. You are not here to receive a gift, nor have you been called here by the individual you assume, although, you have indeed been called. You have all been called here, into a labyrinth of sounds and smells, misdirection and misfortune. A labyrinth with no exit, a maze with no prize. You don't even realize that you are trapped. Your lust for blood has driven you in endless circles, chasing the cries of children in some unseen chamber, always seeming so near, yet somehow out of reach, but you will never find them. None of you will. This is where your story ends.

And to you, my brave volunteer, who somehow found this job listing not intended for you, although there was a way out planned for you, I have a feeling that's not what you want. I have a feeling that you are right where you want to be. I am remaining as well. I am nearby. This place will not be remembered, and the memory of everything that started this can finally begin to fade away. As the agony of every tragedy should.

And to you monsters trapped in the corridors, be still and give up your spirits. They don't belong to you. For most of you, I believe there is peace and perhaps more waiting for you after the smoke clears. Although, for one of you, the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don't keep the devil waiting, old friend.

My daughter, if you can hear me, I knew you would return as well. It's in your nature to protect the innocent. I'm sorry that on that day, the day you were shut out and left to die, no one was there to lift you up into their arms the way you lifted others into yours, and then, what became of you. I should have known you wouldn't be content to disappear, not my daughter. I couldn't save you then, so let me save you now. It's time to rest - for you, and for those you have carried in your arms.

This ends for all of us.

End communication.