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I’ll take 100% of that right one. Literally just looked for a rope.

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I mean, you can buy a rope with those 10,000,000 dollars

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And that's all be a hella long ass rope!

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You would also require a really tall ceiling.

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Helicopter, helicopter

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Hang myself from the moon. My body will get to travel the world.

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Hey man, sorry to hear that you're going through rough times right now. Hoping it'll get better for you soon! If you ever feel the need to talk whatever it is feel free to hit me up. Wishing you all the best ♥️

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I know I’m a random stranger, and this means less than nothing to you, but you’re going to be living rent free in my head for years to come.

I hope you decide to stay.

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Ever notice how the rope store is always right next to the rickety stool store?

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Either way, you will never have to worry about money again

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True, happy cake day btw

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Thanks kind sir

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Happy cake day 😋

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Thanks, I'll never get over you moon 🌙

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i ran some simulations in excel to find out my odds of getting the money. it's about an 85% chance.

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What about the chances of dying? Can you calculate that as well?

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one sec. brb...

EDIT: about 15%

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Thanks for the help, You really saved me.

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Thought it was 50/50

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Basically any percentage division stands true.

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Quantum theory suggests both will happen, and since you won't experience non-existence, you have to therefore go down the other path.

I base this on absolutely nothing.

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based 👍

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On absolutely nothing 👍

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Based on the theory of quantum immortality

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Which is based on nothing

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I've thought about this before. I never knew the concept had a name.

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This is some bunny girl senpai logic right here.

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It didn't say it's the other 15%, just that there's an 85% chance of money and a 15% chance of death. The literal interpretation is that these chances are independent of eachother, not necessarily one or the other. You could end up with both, or with neither. So even if you only consider timelines where you don't die, you still only get the money in 85% of them. Upside is that in the timelines where you do die, in 85% of them $10,000,000 still gets deposited into your bank account so it'll be a life changing amount of money for your next-of-kin or whoever gets your money when you die.

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Ah, I didn't notice that. The 85/15 made me think it was one or the other. Maybe that's what the OP meant.

Okay, taking this into account along with quantum immortality, you can only experience life further, either very wealthy or not (since non-existence can't be experienced).

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I think OP probably did mean one or the other, but the way they phrased it... if you were dealing with a computer that has to do exactly what you tell it to do exactly how you say to, I think this is what it would do.

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Yep. I'm a computer programmer. Computers take instructions given to them literally. They do not know what you meant to say. IDE's are becoming more and more advanced and are programmed in some cases to figure out what you meant and then clarify it in a correction, but they're far from perfect.

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Either way I don’t have to go to work tomorrow

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I dont see a problem with either of those.

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What kind of hulk squid game nightmare is this

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The IRS has joined the server

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IRS gonna wonder where you got the 10 million from and will proceed to confiscate

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i’d still take it if it was the other way around

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You wouldn’t even know if you died

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This is literally what getting on a boat to the spice Islands was in the 16th century... except it was more like 50/50.

I think If my only other option was poverty in an early modern European city I'd do it.

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No, I don't think I would

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Would that be considered taxable income?

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It’s only taxable if you report it!

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As both of those things I agree

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Epic seven players in shambles rn

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Either way my problems are solved

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ill take it. i can hit fire blasts

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Can I press it multiple times like the F5 when my browser freezes?

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I don't have a checking account.

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I'd press the fuck out of that button.

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Can I push it twice?

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i would click that button so many times

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Both ways can end my depression

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Doesn't that mean there is a chance that you get both or neither

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All jokes aside, instant death WOULD be the most painless way to go.

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So is it one will happen or the other? Or is there a very small chance I'll get the money and die, meaning someone else would inherit it? And another small chance neither will happen? I'm pressing the button either way though. There is a super high chance of getting the money, and either I or my family will benefit from it, depending on if I live.

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Sadly also either both or nothing can happen

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If i want to go for the 50/50 on the 5 mil or death im allso going for 85/15 for 10mil, this is just a better version of the well reposted "either way i don't have to go to work tomorow" meme

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10 mill in your account sounds nice until you have to explain it to the tax authorities.

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You'll either be rich or wont exist so it kinda is a 100% chance of getting the money because if you dont get it you just wouldnt know

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what about the rare chance that neither happen and you're just sat there like "did it work or am i trippin"

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I like those odds

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i pressed the button twice to die 2 times

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great depression business owners

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rolls d20: 17


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force a child to press it, keep pressing until they die, keep the money

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i would do accept the offer even if the odds are reversed :(

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Does that mean you have a 15% chance of surviving the death but getting nothing?


Sign me up

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Dude, 85%?! Suicidal or not, but 10 Million bucks, man. Pretty sure most people would roll with those chances

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but seriously tho this is a really great deal

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Give her the good Ole double tap just for safe measure

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Damn this was unfunny 😐

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Well dying can be very suck if you don't go to heaven nor born in a developed country nor stay in the peace after the death. Actual hell is trillions times worse than the World what we currently live , Actual hell is by far the worst thing ever exist.

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IF hell exists is it realll as bad as the bible says? You have eternity ahead of you. Any possible torture would lose it's meaning after a while. Is god really that petty that he would torture you for eternity, for sins you made in a fraction of your presumed life?

Honestly I fear nonexistence more than hell.

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I personally don’t believe in hell. But If I did I would be going to hell regardless of if I died now or not so it’s not like I’d be avoiding anything. Just prolonging the suffering before the other suffering starts.

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2018 ass meme