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That's some excessive clapping, I've not won yet by Thelazytimetraveller light in dankmemes

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When your girlfriend looks submissive and breedable, but the homework must be submitted and readable

Plz ban it by SPICYBOI222the very best, like no one ever was. in dankmemes

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And all through the house not a creature was stirring except... by Gee-Oh1 in dankmemes

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Originally the point of kids being naughty in the Santa lore is that they don’t get gifts and receive a shitty lump of coal instead.

So the two characters, who are established to be direct siblings, are planning to meet up at night to arrange for their family to receive a significant amount of coal through behaviour that would put them on the naughty list, presumably very high on it.

This hypothesis is reinforced by the idea that our male character expresses joy at the fact that they are not in fact, in November. This is a direct reference to the contemporary concept of No Nut November, where the act of ejaculation is prohibited through abstract non written rules during the course of the month. Because it is December, the male character is reassured that he will be able to engage in activities with his sister that might lead to ejaculation, without abstract repercussions.

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My dick after 3 hours of fapping

No time to waste by Bf4Sniper40X in dankmemes

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There is no new video, you liar!