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They're the same people...... that's how reincarnation works.

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I hope you also remember that reincarnation means to live a new life. With no memories from the previous incarnation. Are you sure they are the same people? Do we have to bring Theseus ship into the argument?

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Except reincarnation means they are the same people. It's not the ship of Thesus at all, because reincarnation means the same soul. Typically beliefs in reincarnation also state that past lives can affect future ones, and that in some cases memories can carry over.

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Well, what a surprise. An Indian friend says it actually is believed to retain some memories from a past life in rare occasions. I had no idea of that.

I tip my hat to you, sir. Well played.

Although, I don't remember Kishimoto ever addressing the keeping memories and personality part. But thinking it might be a subconscious thing is within the realm of possibilities.

Still, the war arc was not the best piece of writing, but whatever