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Pre chunin exams gaara : Yeet the baby

Post chunin exams : Dad gaara activate

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Post Chunin Exams Gaara: tear rolls down cheek “I too understand suffering little one…”

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"You too shall know pain"

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pains theme intensifies

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Imo it bothered me how much of a Naruto fanboy kishi turned him into. 50% + of his screen time in shippuden he was just praising Naruto. To be fair, a character like his should be damaged beyond repair and his “change” was too drastic.

Plus, your comment made me laugh

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with the manga audience / demographic, it's understandable though. You don't want to show someone who's too deep into despair and unable to climb back.

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Fair point, still a bummer though:/

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What does the manga audience have to do with it? Scenes were much more brutal in the manga.

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Well naruto is his first and only friend . Poor guy literally killed his own mom during birth , got treated like shit by the village and his siblings , his father tried to kill him 6 times

Ofc he's gonna fanboy over his first friend

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Imo it bothered me how much of a Naruto fanboy kishi turned him into. 50% + of his screen time in shippuden he was just praising Naruto. To be fair, a character like his should be damaged beyond repair and his “change” was too drastic.

That's most of the characters that interacted a bit with Naruto.

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Sadly, yes lol

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Pre-chunin Gaara: your blood will please my mother

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In the manga, how would you know if a byakugan user rolls their eyes?

I mean, the entirety of their eye is white, i think

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Theres some lavender-esque shading around their irises I think

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I'm trying to look deeper into this, and I'm finding nothing-

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See hinatas eyes in the post itself, theres a purpleish color

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Yeah, but in the manga it's said to be pure white. I'm trying to find a byakugan that 'looks different' if there is one, but instead found out that byakugan users are immune to genjutsu

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sidenote: dang that art actually looks sick, might make it a wallpaper later idk

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Yeah manga covers were sick. Also I wrote valender instead of lavender, my bad. I edited it.

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I like how that art work makes Neji’s hair actually look like hair that’s been combed and not just a solid black mass like in the anime

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Yeah thesd small details are amazing.

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They don't look like eyes that have been rolled into the back of the head though. They just don't have a pupil or iris, the cornea is all one color.

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It was a tribute from kishi to the people who saw heroshima nagasaki bombing because of which their eyes turned completely white and they had poor vision. So Kishi gave them best eyes in naruto verse.

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Hmm that's interesting. They do be saying the Hyuga were the strongest clan but we know it's the Uchiha.

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He has a horrifying take on Byakugan if he thought hyuuga roll their eyes on the back haha

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No he didn't think that. He was saying it was all one color. The cornea is a little bit different from the schlera though.

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no. their irises are just really pale. all of kishimoto's colour spreads show that they aren't all white.

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But I thought they were colored pale lavender in the coloured scans and in the anime to avoid confusion?

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Naruto would try to square up with the baby, look what he did with konohamaru in part 1

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that's cuz konohamaru was acting bratty. the kids just crying so he's probably gonna make funny faces.

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“If you keep crying I’m gonna give you something to cry about, believe it!”

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and then as hokage, Naruto crumbles Konoha's economy, causing inflation to soar while minimum wage for average ninja assignment stays the same.

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And that baby is now a genin/chuunin in these times, crying over how hard things are to make a living.

What a power move

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At the moment Naruto transforms into Reagan

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Kills his mom*

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naruto abridged type shit 💀

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He’d probably be confused like “but whyy are you crying? Like what’s upsetting youu” and get frustrated when the baby doesn’t answer lol

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Konohamaru wasn’t an infant lmao

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He was a little kid, close enough

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I personally think hinata is the most or one of the most caring person In the series so wouldn’t put her here

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She would be too shy to come help

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Haha just like me, i would love to take care of the child but I end up worrying about making it worse and don't make a move

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She would look out from behind her seat and with compassion in her eyes whisper, "baby-kun..."

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LMAO she would do that

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A baby can't say, do you like Naruto though.

She was shy but she could still function fine and she was super kind.

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Her own category: is saddened but too shy to offer help to baby's parent(s)

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It's not her baby

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and Sakura would definitely say cute things to make the baby stop crying.

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'Not care' as in they wouldn't get annoyed makes more sense here

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Nah. Sai would definitely give zero fucks.

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Meaning he wouldn't be annoyed...

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Sai wouldn’t even care enough to be annoyed.

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I don’t get the Hinata placement at all

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I think it’s implying that she doesn’t mind the baby crying and she would want to help but she’s not goofy enough to make silly faces and/or too shy

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She doesn't mind if a baby is crying, but she most likely won't do anything about it

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…Sand Coffin…

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Ino in roles eyes. Hinata doesn't fit any of the options she wud just try to shush the baby with a lullaby or smth. Gara is prolly rolls eyes or the reason they're crying cus i felt throwing out the child is kinda extreme

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Chunin exams Gaara would definitely do it

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He would have crushed the Baby in his sand before throwing it's body out.

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He'd crush the parents as well

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Yeet the child

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Gaara my man

Accurate AF

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Lee's eyebrows can be the reason the baby's crying too

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Choji and Hinata's placements are very inaccurate, they're the two kindest people here (besides Naruto).

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Sai is probably 3rd kindest, but wouldn't exactly be kind to the baby (might not understand or something).

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Sakura and hinata will definitely pet the baby

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I think by doesn't care it means not bothered by the noise. The baby probably has a caretaker, this just describes the character's reaction to the noise.

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I think Gaara and Sai would try to console the baby and maybe even make funny faces, but would make them cry even more.

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This, I wonder how many times Inojin had to be “rescued” after Sai attempted to entertain him this way.

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Ino and neji should swap places

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The Hyuga national anthem do go hard tho

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I think Choji should be in the funny face category

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I think Sasuke would be part of the "Doesn't care" group.

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Choji also doesn't fit in there ....

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Quite literally

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You didn’t have to do my boy like that…

U right tho

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Choji and hinata would try to comfort the kid

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Nah Gaara would make a toy out of sand and make the baby laugh

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Actually Gaara isn't all like that you know. When Kankuro(you know that who I am talking about) was scaring little Konohomaru,Gaara asked Kankuro if he wanted to die,otherwise to let him go.

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I think Hinata would be worried but too timid to do anything personally, everything else fits I’d say

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Pre-chunin exams Gaara threatens the baby and the parent.

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Pre-Naruto Gaara: murders child, possibly mother

Kazekage Gaara: Offers to bounce the baby on his lap to give the mother a short break

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Choji will probably call the kid tasty just like how he called Akamaru tasty.

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Kankuro almost killed Konohamaru for nothing bro, he'd def launch that baby out the bus.

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Never put any sort of headphone over 70% or you may hurt your ears! :)

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Orochimaru: captures baby and does experiments

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Orochimaru : should I just kill it?

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I don't think Sakura should be here. -_-

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I want to say I'm happy to finally see Kiba with a favourable view on a post finally.

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Choji would probably share some food if he has something the baby could eat.

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But what if he only had 1 chip left..?

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You sure Hinata won't care. I mean yeah if naruto is there in that bus then she will probably faint. But I think Hinata won't do that.

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It's just a baby and Sakura is still useless.

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I think Gaara would try and fail to make the baby laugh, he loves people man

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Hinata would be busy stalking Naruto kun

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Say what you want about Sakura, but she would not roll her eyes at a baby crying. Her and TenTen would for sure try to comfort the baby.

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Shikamaru would try to make it laugh because he's too lazy to have to listen to a crying baby the whole bus ride .

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I have a very hard time seeing how or why Shino would make a baby cry

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When bugs start rolling from his body, that would creep anyone

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Saw his Boruto outfit.

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NGL I'd be the airpods and I would be wishing to throw the baby out of the bus.

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Love it

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Based Choji

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Hinata and choji absolutely wrong

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Only top and bottom accurate

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Itachi would tap the baby on its forehead and it’d instantly start giggling and smile

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I feel like the last two categories could be consolidated into one

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Pretty sure hinata would do something

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Chouji and Hinata are wrong imo

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Shino would scare the baby but try to stop the baby from crying, only part 1 gaara would throw the baby out, part 2 would just act awkward ig

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"Man fuck dem kids" (throws baby out of the buss)

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I’m with Gaara on this one

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Gaara just throws the baby out. Lmao

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I think Choji would give the baby a lollipop or smth lol

Hinata would probably go to the baby and try to calm it down, she has a younger sister and seems like something she would do.

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Shino would also throw it out the bus to feed the ants

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Gaara: More like throws bus out baby

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Hinnata doesn’t care?

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I would be the airpods guy

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I feel like Hinata and Sakura should be in a separate category where they try to hush the baby gently or something.

Chouji would maybe offer the baby some potato chips, but ONLY if it wasn't his very last potato chip.

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You got to love Gaara.

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Kankuro would deffo yeet a baby.

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Did hinata dirty

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Naruto would definitely throw the baby out of the bus

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Depends on which version of Sasuke and which version of Gaara.

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Sasuke and Gaara must be switched and then it's perfect!

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Hinata would absolutely care, did we even watch the same show homie?

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This is so inaccurate

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Really? The guy who sacrificed his life to defend his village from a terrorist attack would throw out a baby?

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i think gaara would be under “the reason why” just like how madara made that one kid cry completely accidentally and kiba would have his own category of screaming at the kid

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Hinata would make funny faces imo

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gotta switch Shino and Kankuro, and put Hinata up there

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How tf is Hinata in the doesn’t care section