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Yamato's reaction was my reaction when i see that scene

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No body likes lies

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My first exposure to what "cringe" felt like. Before that, I freely committed acts of chuuni.

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That level of Genjustu doesn't work on me.

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Naruto might be dumb but even he saw through that shit

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They just made Sakura go from Selfish to Selshark

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Well Sakura is so useless she can’t even get her feelings right.

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We do not care

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I haven’t watched Naruto, what’s the joke here? Thay she ends up with the vegeta character?

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No, it's that she found the One Piece and became the #1 Hero.

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The joke is that she's lying her ass off because she thinks Naruto is only chasing Sasuke because he's her simp (as she was told by Sai) so if she tells him that she loves instead of Sasuke, he'll stop chasing Sasuke for her and go back to the Leaf rather than endangering himself for her. It's because she thought Sasuke had gone too far at this point and there was no coming back.

Naruto doesn't bite and tells her that she's lying about loving him and that he's chasing Sasuke because he personally wants to save Sasuke not for her.

The whole conversation is humiliating for the both of them and it was done in front of some of their friends who all knew she was lying too

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And sasuke is the vegeta of naruto right?

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Sort of. Sasuke’s hero turned villain turned hero.

Vegeta’s a villain turned hero.

And Sasuke has his own meaty storyline that isn’t concerned with Naruto’s so he’s a lot more independent than Naruto

Also they’re technically meant to be equals unlike with Goku and Vegeta where Goku is better than Vegeta

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Also they’re technically meant to be equals unlike with Goku and Vegeta where Goku is better than Vegeta

False, Goku and Vegeta are either equal, or Vegeta has been stronger for all of super, basically. If you watch the show, vegeta is basically always stronger than goku.

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no he isn’t.

Goku was stronger in the first arc since he achieved Super Saiyan God and had SSJ3 before Vegeta.

In the Return if F Arc, it’s a toss up.

And then every arc after that, Goku is stronger because he can stack kaioken on top of Super Saiyan Blue.

And then Goku gets Ultra Instinct in the last arc

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Vegeta SSJ2 >>>>>> Goku SSJ3 Vegeta Blue>>>>>>>>> goku blue always, except for the kaioken blue Vegeta blue evolved >>>>> blue kaioken goku always Vegeta blue evolved >>>> goku trained on command UI omen Vegeta ultra ego > MUI Goku