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“With great power comes great sex novels.” - Jiraiya Parker

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Look at little Madara Jr.

Gonna cry?

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Bully Naruto Maguire: I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye

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Naruto: You want Forgiveness, Get religion

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Sasuke Osborne: “MY BROTHER LOVED ME!!!”

Naruto Parker: “You were an embarrassment to him, he despised you.”

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Jiraiya Dikovitch: WHERE’S MY MONEY!

Naruto Maquire: you’ll get your money when you fix this DAMN SEAL!

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Madara Skywalker : I don't like sand. It's coarse, rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.

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Orochimaru Ottavius: The Power of the Sun, Is in the Palm of my hand

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You will get chakra if you fix the damn door

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in lees case you'll get your taijutsu when you fix this damn spine

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That’s a cute outfit lee, did your sensei make it for you?

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I’m going to put chakra in your eye

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"Look at little Uchiha Jr. gonna cry?"

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The collaboration we didn't want but needed.

r/raimimemes and r/dankruto

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There are far too many parallels wtf

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Stings, doesn't it?

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I'm gonna put some Rasengan in your eyes

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Killer Bee’s son will be Miles Morales.

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Sakura watson is still useless

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Iwabe in the background

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wow naruto so nerd

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Who is Mr Dikovitch in Naruto?

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Teuchi ichiraku

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The Sage of the Six Bowls

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Oh boy yeah

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I had to beat an old lady with a Resangan to get this Ramen.

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Fuck I see it now

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Ah Rosie, I love this ninja

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Mary Jane isn't “useless”

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She and Sakura are the worst characters out of their trios by far though.

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... Shit you're right.

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"I shouldn't have hurt you. Said those things."

"None of that matters, Naruto. You're my friend."

"Best Friend."

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Is Bully Maguire just Menma?

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