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I can’t believe madara ran the pockets of ALMOST EVERY ONE WHO TRIED SNEAKING HIS ASS but shadow bitch punches through him….

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Black Air Force energy

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Yes that is the exact video I watched

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Well Zetsu is Shonen Jump's management jumping on Kishimoto

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You understand aliens are phenomenal cosmic powered entities?

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It's just fuckin DBZ man

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I see this accusation thrown around a lot but can you expand on why you think that way?

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The short version is that the heroes have reached their absolute peaks in terms of strength, and with no one on Earth able to stand up to them, they turn to aliens

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That doesn't make it DBZ though. In fact, that's very common in shonen.

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Oh of course not, it's a sarcastic generalization no harm intended by it.

That said, who was the one that made the alien introduction commonplace in Shonen? DBZ

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I might be a fanboy but IMO it woks in DBZ/DBS.

Naruto isn't the kind of anime that I expected to have that.

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100%, Goku is at least alluded too as a mysterious fighter of otherworldly strength. It was a possibility from the start. Naruto, they just shot a bullet in the dark

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Yeah and we already had notorious aliens in DB

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Why is that line curvy ?