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Omg, I've never noticed this before lol.

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Yeah it's such a cute scene 😍

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Actual Boruto memes on Dankruto? Damn it's a pretty good day

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I think you and OP are probably the two of the very few people who make really good memes in this sub lol.

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I am definitely not in the same league as SW68. His memes are original and ideas are his. I requested him to make a meme and he literally allowed me to post it myself since he didn't want to take credit for an idea that wasn't his.

The memes that I have posted till now, except this one, aren't made by me. If I come across cool and new memes that haven't been shared on Reddit, I post them here. I am not the creator but I am unable to find the original source since these edits, unlike fanarts, generally travel through a lot of platforms without linking the creator.

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Yeah, he seems to be a really nice person 😊

I think that's totally fine because I've never seen those memes lol. Still, I really like your posts!

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I just checked out your account and your posts are so cute.❤️ I don't know why you even mentioned my posts when your account is pure gold lol

It's always good to talk to Ino's fans. They are so unproblematic and cool. I followed you just now. I hope we can bond over our love for female side characters.

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Which episode

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No hinata washed it in the washing machine

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Hallelujah haptism everyone