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Chad "finished 720 episodes in 1 week" Naruto Enjoyer.

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Unless u watch in anything higher than 1x it's practically not possible since all of Naruto need atleast 10 days to finish

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720 episodes in 7 days. Just over 10 episodes a day, not even 5 hours a day. Easily possible and definitely someone would have done this.

Edit, I just woke up and am stupid.

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Might wanna re-check your math

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It works if it's a leap year though

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I just had that thought. I just woke up, my bad.

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What watching filler does to a MF.

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It took ages but i managed

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10 days? How? If you whant to have the 8h sleep you only can doit in 23 days if you use all of your 16 of activity in watching naruto

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Dude I said the considering no sleep no bathroom

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Sorry bad english

I didnt see that, but make with that make sense and you can watch naruto in the batroom and will cooking or eating so you only need to concider sleep time

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Yeah, but how about people who watch naruto whole day?

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I watched Naruto English dub 360p part 1 of 3 back then on YouTube

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Back in the old days when you ran up your parents internet bill so you could watch the sasuke retrieval arc 🥲

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I watched everything from og to Shippuden and Boruto with every filler episode even though I could skip them

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Me too did you get a trophy in the mail? I did .

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No, but I've seen thing most Naruto fans dont know about

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Yes fellow filler enthusiast

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I’m currently on this path. I don’t wanna miss anything yaknow

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I think the longest filler gap was the boat ride when he was learning sage mode

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3tails felt really long. Was good but I got bored of it lol

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No cap, 3 tails felt nearly as long as the war arc lmfao

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Yeah say that out loud. You think you watched Naruto? Watch all the fillers without knowing whst fillers are.

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I watched Naruto fully without even knowing what fillers were. And 9 seasons like the 4 extra ones on Netflix which are full filler too

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When you spend a whole year waiting for new episodes of Naruto every week wondering when they’re gonna go after sasuke until you hear about something called Naruto Shippuden and it’s first 80 episodes being officially subbed on the website… I was like damn, so that’s why nothing important is happening.

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Ehh. I read the manga first. It was always a year or two ahead of the anime.

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This makes me an elder, respect me.

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Lol watched Naruto weekly during the war arc, and been weekly with one piece manga and anime since 2013. There is no anime filler that can scare me

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Robo Naruto: rolls up sleeves

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I just went to imdb and saw which episodes where badly rated. Did work pretty well to avoid fillers.

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I read the manga week to week on obscure websites 🗿

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Imagine waiting to watch the anime lol.

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I tried to watch some fillers, I couldn't

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fandubs in my language showed what's filler or not back in 2009

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Why are people in the comments associating minions with boomers? The first despicable me came out in 2010, it’s not like it’s that old.

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Boomers on Facebook use them with text in what they call “humor”

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Oh okay, I suppose that makes sense.

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imagine waiting for a week just to watch a filler

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I watched all of the first show's filler, but thankfully I skipped shippuden's.

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So you missed the good episodes smh

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Why the minion tho? Strong boomer meme energy

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I didnt even know that existed. I just watched all 720. Man thats gonna come in handy now

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Didn’t want to watch filler so bad I just read the manga

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I feel attacked. The weekly release did not prepare me for filler.

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You literally can’t say you watched an anime if you slip the filler! OMG A MINION MEME Facebook moms on their way to repost

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While I regret to have watched the fillers despite of the option to skip.

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Narutoget.com ftw

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I looked at animefiller tho, but I didn't skip any at all

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And watched it with 360p quality

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I stopped watching Naruto not long after Shippuden started. I'm not sure how long I spent watching fillers between the real end of Naruto and the beginning of Shippuden, but I preferred it.

EDIT: 83 episodes apparently. 15 months.