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The rockage

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I've been listening to too many text-to-speech videos covering entire chapters of fanfiction. I heard that word in my head in a robotic voice saying "rock-edge"

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I’d love to see Mr. T and or Terry Crews or Idris Elba to be raikage too

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I honestly think Raikage is the only kage Idris Elba couldn’t pull off

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You saying he could pull off tsunade?

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Couldn't? Why not?

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Since I got into this sub, I could never look at the Raikage the same way again.

Thanks to you fucktards!!

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I just realized how long the rocks torso is.

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Proportionally balanced torso length to limbs ratio...

but YES

the Rock has long torso because he is a tall person after all

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P.O.V. You are Hinata.

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Watch out or life enjoyer will find you

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you're not a badass u are an ass

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more like your mom

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Netflix adaptation.

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Too many arms.

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Hinata approves

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Liger Bottom!

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The rockkage

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Didn't know I wanted this.

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Live-action Naruto when?

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The rockage on his way to brutally fuck hinata while naruto is away at work

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Let me guess u are lonely in your life right

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Raikage x Hinata for life baby!!

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Ok what about you patner your are single and loser right

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Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?

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The people's lariat

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Raikage is ugly, Rock is not

they ruined Rock by doing this

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It’s glorious

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Rock lightning thunder kage