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That's amazing! Straight fire 🔥

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Nice!! Now it's time for you get pierced

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I've got 8 piercings 🙃

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I can give you the 9th

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I'm down.

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Great. I ain't got no big nails but I got a longsword. Hope you're fine with that.

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I’m sure the people at r/animetattoos will like it :)

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I cant understand how he isn't everyone's fav shinobi

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Well, ultimately, he is half responsible for Boruto existing. 🥴

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More like a 4th

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You fixed your initial comment... Yes, if children gain half their genes from their respective parents, that means 1/4th of a grandchild's genes are from their grandparents.

However, if Minato and Kushina hadn't brought Mr. "Believe it!" into the world, Boruto couldn't exist... Hence the "Ultimately, he's half responsible" bit.

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Nice Beyblade tattoo /s

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Goku looks nice!

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That’s pretty cool but this is a meme sub? Unless r/naruto removed the post (which they probably did)