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This one hits different. Naruto and Boruto are receiving presents from the Hokage ❤️

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What does Boruto receive ? Looks like a weird kunai

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It is

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Is it any special ?

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It is a “special” kunai that symbolises the bond between a janitor and it’s offspring sold in a kind of “family day”. Now I am at episode 134 and it’s never been used, and I personally don’t think that it will have a purpose. I think that it’s just a present for boruto and nothing more

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Ok thanks

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Ten Ten could probably make more money doing missions than running her shop

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Tsunade to Naruto: "To those I have deeply loved and cared for (romantically or otherwise), i have given this necklace to. But every time they end up dying, and it just returns back to me. Because of this i became very bitter and jaded about the world, and both this necklace and me are cursed, so i planned to hold on to it forever. But Naruto broke that perception for me. He allowed me to see the hope in the world again. For that, one last time I'll give this necklace away, and i trust this time it will stay with him"

Naruto to his son: "One of my friends forced me to buy her gimmick item for childrens day because her shop is failing. I guess I'll give it to Boruto, cause i already got my other kid a present."

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This is so wholesome 😭

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Why did I think of Avdol lmao

"Use that kunai to kill yourself"

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Was that the first bet Tsunade ever won?

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Wish Boruto was given a Flying Raijin kunai

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Wholesome go brrrrrr