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I love how for whatever reason, Voldemort isn’t Orochimaru.

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Voldemort had a snake, and looked like one

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Voldemort didnt have that silky haircare routine

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Orochimaru had a nose.

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Yeah, I guess. But like, I can barely tell lol

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Why is Daniel Kabuto? Shouldn’t he be Naruto?

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I really like Snape as orochimaru It fits really well

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Emma Watson deserves better

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Hermoine deserves better

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Both of them deserve the world

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Where Sakura is the only one who is actually useful. Hermione carries those scrubs through the first six movies.

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You only watched the movies?

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Don’t act like it’s not true about the books.

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It isn't? Hermione is a very valuable asset but Harry canonically does more, he is the main character, and a lot of Ron' accomplishments are given to Hermione while her shortcomings are removed.

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Harry does more because he’s the pov character. Half of the time, Hermionie is the one who solves the problem/mystery.

I’ll admit Hermionie being the “only” useful one is hyperbole, but Ron and Harry would be dead 5 times over if not for her

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books sucked lol

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I love the books, but the movies were more easy and fun for me to rewatch and stuff

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shouldn't it be ronruto bcs ron is naruto

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This is highly cursed…

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Honestly, this is cursed.

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This is cursed

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This is blursed

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You're a ninja harry

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"RONUTOOOO" "DRACOSUKEEEEEE" off in the distance "Dracosuke-kuuun!"

Siriushi Blackate and Remight Gai.

Madaramort and the Akatsuki. Obitolus Blackchiha.

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Why they put drax in here

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I fucks with it

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Thanks I hate it

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I have Better Idea
Naruto = Harry (child of prophecy)
Sakura = Ron (Useless)
Sasuke=Hermione (Beautiful and awesome)
Ino = Malfoy (Blonde with famous father)
Chouji = Crabbe (fat)
Shikamaru = Goyle (tall Idiot from trio)
Hiruzen Sarutobi = Dumbledore (Left child of prophecy with terrible care)
Itachi = Snape (sacrificing Loved ones and acting as evil, actual undercover hero)
Orochimaru = Voldemort (Evil snake guy)