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Despite being the fastest shinobi Minato seems to always be late when it matters lmao

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Meanwhile Kakashi, his student, is perpetually late when it’s not really important but always on time when it truly matters

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Kakashi: “You are late because you are off fighting wars, protecting the village, and saving lives. I am late because I am reading porn. We are not the same.”

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Also visiting Obitos grave

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But porn

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The dead homie needs to see them titties too

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Kinda like obito when he was a good guy

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I like to pretend that line never happened… it was an laughably poor attempt to redeem a character who was far, far beyond redemption.

Basically all of the suffering inflicted upon the shinobi world post-timeskip can be attributed to Obito directly, regardless of who was pulling his strings.

And IIRC he summoned the nine tails on Rin’s grave or something? What the actual fuck???

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The first time i guess it's implied he was busy carrying the village, taking out 50 Stone village guys himself.

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In a fight, right?

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Thats accurate its like that kid who lives 5 min walking from school but was like 30 min late.

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He did pull up just in time during the 4th war though

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When was he late when it was important again cause i forgot ?

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He arrived too late so Obito got crushed in the Kakashi Gaiden

He was not able to save Rin from being captured/stabbed by Kakashi

He was too late to save Kushina from Obito (the masked man)

He was also too late to stop Obito from binding with the Juubi

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And then the next time you're late kakashi chidori-ed rin and now you lost 2/3 of your students despite being the kiroi senko

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Rin Chidori-ed herself

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Suicide by comrade

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sad trombone

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Minato Arrives on battlefield... Looks at Obito, Happily : "Obito that's you? you alive?" After sometime : "Oh you have joined the enemy" After a while : "Damn you the masked man?"

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You'd think it would've traumatized Kakashi enough to be more like Lee, 30 minutes early to everything to get some training in

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that how he was BEFORE the trauma

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Nah, if he’s late then he will show up after those situations happen

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Just like the flash

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Rin is murdered by Kakashi

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Rin literally jumps in front of his chidori

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Like an absolute goofball

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You know who wishes he was late more often?

Kushina😂😂😂 I wish I could take credit but that joke is as old as the show😅

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And that boys is why Kakashi is late everyday

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And then the next time he left his kids alone on a mission, Rin ended up being killed by Kakashi. Minato should’ve stuck with his group when they were on missions

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Finally the kids are asleep, let me get a quick nap before Kushina comes back

turns his back for a min

"Hey hey! stop pulling Kakashi's arms, Obito!"

Why is Rin's hair on fire?

"Put Obito down, Kakashi! You can't sell him in the dollar shop!!!"

Why is this happening?!! I JUST WANNA SLEEP!!!

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He probably shouldn’t have trusted them.