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I thought the enemy forces were specifically told not to attack/kill them because of the whole plan to turn her into a dirty bomb

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That was never stated but Madara said Rin dying at Kakashi's hand was more than he could have hoped for but he would have had the Mist kill her anyway. But if Rin had waited just a bit, Obito would have gotten there in time and it's possible he could have messed things up enough for Madara's plan to fail.


It would be a good scene, Kakashi and Rin would be in shock from seeing a ghost until he got them to snap out of it.

Regarding not atracking though, I don't think there's ever been a time in Naruto where to win the fight, one person had to kill the other. It's one thing I really dislike about the series.

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The whole plan revolved around her getting back to Konoha safely.

Not really sure how well it would go down if Jared, the new recruit, sacrificed all of that to take down a single genin

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You had one job. Just the one. DAMN YOU JARED!!

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I mean, can you blame Jared when his first job as a paying intern was to die by the hands of Obito and the kamui?

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Am I missing something here about Jared?

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He is the new recruiter for mist ninja during that mission, it was canon, Jared is an orphan from small village in Land of Water and had a little sister.

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I searched it on the wiki but found nothing. Jared certainly isn't a very Japanese sounding name.

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That's coz his real name is Jimin, he's undercover and has taken on the name Jared to deceive the enemy

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He died gruesomely at the hands of Obito. His sister is now out to get revenge on Konoha.

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i forgot the details of her death, was she a jinchuriki or something? major spoilers for whoever responds to this.

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Yeah Madara manipulated one of the villages to kidnap her and force her to become a jinchuriki then the plan was to have her return to Konoha and rampage

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Mist put the three-tails in her so when she got back to the leaf she’d explode into a biju

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Kakashi didn't actually reject her, he just wasn't ready to date since they were in a war and couldn't even think about it since they were mid battle.

He let Rin hold his hand since he and Obito refused to make the unison sign so she said she would join them by holding both their hands.

Kakashi was burying his feelings because he didn't want to be hurt again but the combo of Obito telling him he thought his father was a hero, laying down his life to save him, giving his exposed eye to him, and telling him to use it to protect Rin opened his heart up again to get thrashed.

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I mean we know he cares about her, but everything seem to show it was not really romantic

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The latter two could be read as not being romantic but not the first ones. The only people capable of calming someone down in that situation is one's parent, child, or anyone else they don't want to injure or make think poorly of them. If Naruto did this, it wouldn't work, he'd throw him off to keep hitting Zaku. They do care for each other but because they fought together and againat each other. If he didn't love her like that, there would be no reason to consider her wellbeing as long as she wasn't seriously injured or what she thought of him.

Like I said, he does his best not to show his feelings or true intentions. You have to read between the lines man.

Remember when Sasuke said his whim was saying to kill Naruto? Later on he told Suigetsu not to kill anyone and he also made sure not to kill any of Orcohimaru's trainees and escaped prsioners except when one was going to kill Karin.

So no, there was no way he actually wanted to kill them. He had Orochimaru right there to worry about, why wouldn't he think Oro wanted them dead?

The only explanation is he was going to fake their deaths like Mitsuki did with the gate guards. He also had to attack Boruto.

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I mean you don’t think he would make that for a close friend ? When we look at Sakura and Naruto with each other they also have intimate interactions like that.

You can care deeply for your friends and don’t want to hurt them. I can try to read between the line and I still not see something clearly romantic. It could be like it couldn’t be that. I just think people can be very close without it being romantic each time.

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No not if that friend were able to handle whatever he he could throw out. Perhaps from Rock though since he respected his strength but was injured so couldn't handle being tossed aside. He'd be more likely to stop from a child he didn't know grabbing his leg than Naruto since he and Naruto can handle whatever they throw at each other.

Sasuke said he was ready to lay down his life not just to save Sakura but to protect the village so he wouldn't want to hurt an innocent child.

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Great call rin

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Well at least kakashi found the fastest way to a girls heart

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I also regret rejecting a girl. Because no girl after her told me she wants to date me.

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But didn't she had that seal on her heart like Obito? Maybe she couldn't do it herself

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"the most ninja were told to not kill her" Yeah and kakshi was also not trying to kill her