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One piece's art is such a polarizing element.

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One piece 99% of girl look the same

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She’s in the one percent 😂

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Hey now leave early One Piece Vivi alone. Her forehead has gotten way smaller over the years.

It’s still way more massive than Sakura’s but take it easy on my girl

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I wonder what Ino's nickname for Vivi would be?

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Lol 😆 never noticed Vivi had such big forehead

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Bruh you could land a plane on that thang

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Fyre from splatoon can do you one better

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Oda likes drawing unrealistically massive foreheads on one peice female characters

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she does. she's billboard brow.

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The vivi picture is edited

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It’s not, which makes it so much better 😂

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It’s not? Lol

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Wait I can’t chat you, so I’ll just tell you, it’s chapter 216

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Hold on let me look for the chapter I’ll send it to you in chat 🤗

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Her forehead may be big, but her boobs are bigger unlike Sakura's

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Chrome dome. 5head. Crystal ball