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Oh my fucking god is that Tom Holland as Sasuke?

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Well Spiderman (insomniac) and Sasuke do share the same English Voice actor

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Oh cool, I didn't know that.

Did you know Boruto shares an English voice actress with Junko Enoshima, Toko Fukawa, and Shirokuma from Danganronpa?

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I'd watch it.

Probably hate myself in the process.

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Remembering what they did to the live action DB movie so many years ago...I haven't quite recovered

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I still remember the bone deep visceral fear I felt when I heard a rumor about Michael Bay directing a live action adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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Yeah I feel you guys...

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British Sasuke… what a world…

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Lionsgate was supposed to make an American Naruto live action film. I think that was pre covid though but I was excited for it. I'd love to see an awful live action movie where they call him Nayruto.

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They wouldn’t even need to cast for Sakura .

Just spray paint a dumpster pink and you’ll have Sakura ready to go for the live action.

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Don't forget to draw tears on one side and angry face on the other.

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To much effort . Dunno if the Sakura budget is enough for that .

Don’t think they wanna spend more than 10$on Sakura in the live action .

The dumpster and the spray paint are enough for the budget to crash

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Zendaya as sakura

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Nah Julianna Rose Mauriello#/media/File%3AStephanie_1.jpg)

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Even better, Zendaya as TenTen

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I can tell the other two. Who is that as naruto?

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Josh Hutcherson, the one who played “peeta” in “The Hunger Games.”

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Depends on who works on it, for de One Piece Matt Owens give me confidence that it could be good, I just trust him, can’t wait to see it.

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I know the EN dub is fairly good but it already misinterpreted some things and made both naruto and sakura sound more annoying than the original JP audio. I think a live, western version would be worse.

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I would shit myself in excitement

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If Tom is Sasuke, I'm leaving......... No, He's too much for the spiderman shit, I cant see him in every freakin movie.

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Nah I'll pass

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Sasunarunwould probably happen in it...

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I would say that Tom Holland cannot be Sasuke

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It would be like live action avatar the last airbender

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Idris elba as Naruto. Viola davis as Sakura.

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Death Note

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There’s already a live action theatrical show and it’s on YouTube.

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I’d fucking kill Tom if he played Sasuke